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"Run Your Way" For Brand Success: A New Balance Perspective On Marketing

The secret to success is to free brands from a one-dimensional approach to marketing, because, just as there is no one right way to run, there is no singular approach to developing a brand.

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Charting New Paths: Embracing The Entrepreneurial Boom In The UAE

Together, we can ensure that the entrepreneurial journey in the UAE is not just about surviving but thriving, marking the region as a global beacon for innovation and entrepreneurial success.

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From Barista to Business Owner: Tres Marias Coffee Company Founder Maria Pavani

"One of the most significant life lessons I've learned along the way is the importance of recognizing and seizing opportunities for growth, both in business and in life."

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Breaking Boundaries: How D14.AI Founder Melda Akin Turned A Dream Into Reality

"I believe understanding your passion and ikigai, investing in continuous learning, and building a supportive network are extremely important for the path to success."


Doing Leadership Right: How To Avoid The Traps That Lead To Being A Bad Boss

The majority of bosses have not yet learned the skills to give meaningful, genuine, and timely appreciation to their people.

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Beware The Mirage: In A World Of Bravado, Seek Substance

"Eloquence, as it turns out, doesn't always translate into efficacy."

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Maria Sharapova, Carla Bruni, And Meryem Uzerli Among Influential Speakers Set To Headline WE Convention 2024 In April In Dubai

The Women's Empowerment Council is getting ready to host the two-day International Women's Empowerment Convention 2024 in Dubai, offering inspiring narratives, expert business insights, and extensive networking opportunities.

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Bridging Finance And Operations: A Partnership For Better Business

The crux of the matter is not for every department to master the nuances of accounting, but to grasp how financial data impacts their operations and decision-making processes.

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Rayne Founder Sarah Jones On How To Build Solutions That Address Real Market Needs

"Embrace failure as a learning opportunity- because not every idea or decision will lead to success, and that's okay."

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From Grill To Greatness: Eleven Green Co-Founders Sultan And Kinda Chatila On Driving A Winning Venture In The UAE F&B Industry

"Our vision for Eleven Green was always to be the neighborhood burger joint."

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Building Tomorrow: Dubai's Museum Of The Future And Visa Have Embarked On A Mission To Create Thriving Communities

The partnership supports Dubai's and the global community's acceleration towards readiness for the future, demonstrating the museum and Visa's joint commitment to showcasing game changing technologies and concepts.


The Business Of Funny: How Dubomedy Co-Founder Mina Liccione Redefined Comedy In The GCC

As Dubomedy approaches its 16th anniversary, co-founder Mina Liccione explains how her entrepreneurial venture has unabashedly redefined comedy in the GCC.

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MENA Fintech Enterprise Valu Partners With Visa To Launch Its New Prepaid Valu Card Across Egypt

The introduction of the Valu prepaid card allows users to conveniently transfer funds from their Valu limit to the prepaid card.

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Real Talk: The Reality Of Building A Business While Being A New Mom

Motherhood doesn't have to stop you from taking the next step in your business- but there is a cost.

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Creating A Workforce Primed For Success In The Digital Age: The How-To

Organizations can only thrive in this digital age by implementing remote-friendly policies and supporting personal branding initiatives.