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Science & Technology

How Conversational AI Is Shaping the Future of the Education Sector

Are you talking to a human behind a keyboard or a chatbot?

Starting a Business

3 Lies They Tell You in School That Hurt You in Business

If you hold on to everything you learned at school, you'll fail in business. Here's what you need to unlearn.

Growth Strategies

Improving Returns On Investment Made On Campus Recruitment

The ROI on campus recruitment is measured to evaluate the feasibility of a future recruitment drive as well as gauge the efficiency of the current recruitment process

Starting a Business

Do You Need College to Be Successful?

There are other paths to success, and these tips can help you achieve it regardless of your formal education.


This Startup Provides Collateral-Free Loans To Indian Students Studying Abroad

The startup offers students loans in dollars based on their future income at an interest rate between 9-11 per cent

News and Trends

Has the Dawn Of a New Age In Education Changed the Perspective Among People?

Parents can see that pushing their kids to gun after big engineering and medical aspirations may not be the most viable option just now. The focus is to make sure a child stays engaged with their learning content at a period when their time in school is cut short by tech restraints


Children's-Education Franchises Are Going Hi-Tech

New technologies have created innovative ways to teach and communicate with customers.

Thought Leaders

Vagina Superhero 'My Little Yoni' Is Here to Make Early Sex Ed Easier

Sexual wellness entrepreneur Ariel Saint White created 'My Little Yoni' books and toys to lighten up and guide sexual ed conversations for younger kids.


3 Marketing Tips to Increase Enrollment Rates for Pre-College Programs

It's tempting to copy and paste, but this summer is different.


5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Glean From Their Kids' K-12 Teachers

Remember that teacher you loved in second grade who was so honest and constructive in her advice? Be that kind of entrepreneur.


Evolving Higher Education: How Top Universities Are Shifting Their Exams Online For Good

The wider acceptance and technology adoption of online exams due to the disruption caused by the pandemic can be ascertained by the fact that the global market size for online exams has grown exponentially

Science & Technology

What the Past Year Taught Us About the Gaps in Technology for Education

Technology and software development can help solve some of the major problems currently facing education, including: better digital platforms for teaching, better means of communicating with parents about what to teach when, and how to help expand education into the home.

Business News

How to Keep Kids Safe While Distance Learning

With remote learning set to keep a strong foothold even after the pandemic passes, security must be a top priority.

Growth Strategies

How Competition And Choice Are Driving Innovation In The MENA Education Sector

The global trends toward the commodification of education tend to privilege entrepreneurial skills together with cognitive forms of instrumental reflexivity over cooperative learning and sociocultural inclusive approaches.

Business News

Puerto Rico Receives More Than $900 Million in Education Funds That Were Held Back by Trump Administration

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona announced on Monday that the U.S. territory will finally get much-needed aid.