This Ed-tech Startup Is Focusing On Developing Extra-Curricular Activities Among Children

The company has presence in more than 15 countries including Korea, Japan, Canada, among others and generates 20 per cent of revenue from foreign markets

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During our growing years, most of us were made to believe that finishing our school homework on time and fetching good marks in school examinations is the only way through. It is the only way which could land you in a comfortable job after years. Blame it on the society or the education system in India, that has created such a strong facade. However, some of our parents or close friends have always pushed us to take up that paintbrush, a musical instrument, or dance lessons only to prove how important these extra curricula are for cognitive development in a child.

Ashish Gupta, founder of Bambinos

In the 21st century when kids are glued more to screens than their books and prefer "chilling' rather than breaking a sweat on playing fields, some new-age ed-tech startups are ushering the importance of extracurricular activities on a larger scale. Bambinos is one of the Indian startups that has been focusing on extracurricular profile-building classes for students across the globe.

In an interaction with Entrepreneur India, Ashish Gupta, chief executive officer and co-founder of Bambinos talks about the startup and its future.

The beginning

Ashish Gupta holds a degree of MBA from IIM-C and engineering from PEC Chandigarh. Before diving into the entrepreneurial world he had worked for 12 odd years in various management roles. Before establishing Bambinos, Ashish has worked at multiple leadership positions in various companies like Amazon, Curefit, etc. In his last role, he operated as Chief Operating Officer for a series-A start-up funded by Lightspeed.

As per Gupta, the need of the hour is not just memorizing concepts from the syllabus, but the ability to think out of the box, quick problem solving, logical reasoning and more.

He said that children are now able to explore their interests in co-curricular activities without hampering their academics.

"Quality is critical hence access to quality extracurricular courses becomes the key element in improving the skills of kids. is solving this problem, bringing accessibility of quality extracurricular courses to help children improve their skills and explore their interests," Gupta said.

What Bambinos Offer?

Established in 2020, Bambinos is a Bangalore-based ed-tech startup that aims to build an ecosystem of extracurricular learning to make kids smart. The startup claims to identify and further develop unique intelligence that is present in a child. Bambinos provide a variety of activities and subjects for children aged 4 to 15 years and have a highly fragmented framework of courses.

At present, the company has over 40 courses across multiple genres like dance, fitness, personality development, e-sports, communication, among others. The company has a presence in more than 15 countries including Korea, Japan, Canada, among others and generates 20 per cent of revenue from foreign markets.

Gupta wants Bambinos to be a one-stop platform for extracurricular courses for kids.

"We believe the market is huge and lots to yet to be tapped, so our focus is on growing the business and building a platform which is liked by both parents and students," he added.

Stiff Competition & Privacy

If we are talking about ed-tech then we have to discuss the recent booming of the space, particularly in the backdrop of the pandemic. Several ed-tech startups have emerged and want to enjoy a share from the education market which is worth a $117 billion market. In this cut-throat age of competition, acquiring customers requires out-of-the-box ideas and world-standard products.

Gupta believes that customers would prefer quality content and tutoring. "Our focus is to understand the customer and student needs and develop and concentrate on a few core programs where we would have the best content and most skilled tutors. We believe that this will increase the time that the customers spend with us and will also increase the adoption of more programs," he added.

He further mentioned that focusing on quality and convenience offered will ensure parents remain loyal to them.

"We also have a higher product penetration, which means customers adopt more than one program from us, thereby bringing down the cost of acquisition," he concluded.

Bambinos claims to believe in customer privacy and all data is used strictly for internal purposes to help customers attain a satisfactory experience.