Top 50 Best Undergraduate Programs for Entrepreneurs in 2024

The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur partnered to rank the top 2024 undergraduate programs for studying entrepreneurship.

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Grand Canyon University Slapped with Record $37.7 Million Fine For 'Lies' About Program Costs

The Department of Education has accused GCU of misleading students about the expenses related to their doctoral programs.


Bolstering Outreach In Education Through Digital Marketing

How leaders in education can use digital marketing to boost student recruitment.


Invest in Your Team or Fall Behind – 3 Ways to Upskill Your Team with Continuous Training

Any business that isn't investing in expanding its technical skills and soft skills is not a worthy competitor.

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Dads Who Do This Simple Activity With Their Kids for 10 Minutes a Day Are More Likely to Raise High Achievers

The straightforward approach can give children an advantage over their peers.


Here's How We Should Prepare Our Youth For The Economy Of The Future

As more studies, research, and technology applications emerge, education systems worldwide must be flexible and dynamic to respond effectively.

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This One Skill Might Help Shape The Future of Education

By introducing coding at an early age and providing the necessary resources and support, parents and educators empower kids to thrive in the digital era.

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The Education Sector Reports the Highest Rate Of Ransomware Attacks: Survey

As per the report, over the past year, 79% of higher educational organizations surveyed reported being hit by ransomware, while 80% of lower educational organizations surveyed were targeted—an increase from 64% and 56% in 2021, respectively


Fostering An Entrepreneurial Mindset: Preparing The Future Workforce

Here's how we can teach our children to fully embrace a healthy entrepreneurial mindset, whether they choose to grow their own businesses in the future, or become intrapreneurs.

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U.S. Department of Education Announces $39 Billion Student Loan Discharge, Relief for 804,000 Borrowers

The $39 billion is just a fraction of the over $116.6 billion in student loan forgiveness the Biden administration approved.


The Impact of 7 Female CEOs' School Performance on Their Career Trajectories

These successful CEOs know a thing or two about leading a company and how their school performance contributed to their success.

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Schools Are Getting Slammed By Cyberattacks and Student Data Is No Longer Safe. Here's How to Navigate Cybersecurity in the New, Digital Classroom

Cybersecurity is crucial for any organization in the modern age of ones and zeros. Cyberattacks on educational institutions, however, are especially alarming. Such assaults undermine the safety and security of the institution as well as the privacy of the teachers and students.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Is Suing the Biden Administration Over Higher Education Standards That Control Federal Student Loans. Here's Why

The 41-page lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, argues that Congress has given "unchecked power" to private accrediting agencies that determine education standards required to receive federal funding.

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How to Keep Employees Engaged and Productive in the Age of AI

Leaders can upskill their team members with AI skills and improve productivity through AI-powered L&D initiatives.

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Why We Must Reimagine Education in the Age of Technology

Here's why we must reassess our traditional notions of education in the digital age.