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6 Things Your Employees May Be Wishing for This Year

Based on research, here are some workplace desires and how a startup might attain them.

Raphael Crawford-Marks

· 5 min read

What the Airplane 'Knee Defender' Teaches Us About Human Empathy

You might think empathy is just a touchie-feelie hippie notion, but it's also smart business.

Leyla Seka

· 5 min read

7 Strategies to Succeed With That Demanding, Difficult Customer

Understand how to deflect and bypass a client's anger to meet your goals.

Sherrie Campbell

· 6 min read

To Boost Productivity, Encourage Employees to Encourage Each Other

How team members interact, and the settings in which interactions occur, dramatically impact the workplace.

Matt Straz

· 4 min read

Making the Business Case for Human-Centered Design

Grow a sustainable enterprise that satisfies users and retain employees in the process.

Chokdee Rutirasiri

· 5 min read

The Benefits of Practicing Vulnerability in the Office

Some workplaces have moved beyond considering whether employees can share their emotions at work. Demonstrating true feelings may lead to better teamwork and breakthroughs.

Kate Swoboda

· 4 min read

Empathy in Business Is Vital to an Entrepreneur's Success

It is important that customers, employees, investors and stakeholders know that their interests are a priority.

Joey Pomerenke

· 4 min read

Ditch These 4 Bad Habits to Free a Closed Mind

Do you often assume there's a need to take sides? Rid yourself of the propensity for making snap judgments and instead try to understand the players on both sides.

Susan Steinbrecher

· 4 min read