Alakh Pandey's PW Takes Flight

With over 50 lakh app downloads and more than 600,000 students spending over an hour on the Physics Wallah app, the platform has been expanding at a rapid pace

Science & Technology

How to Use AI to Increase Business and Make Customers Happy

A teacher of artificial intelligence engineering at Columbia and NYU is adamant: Taking a human approach with your customers can set your company apart.

Thought Leaders

How This Former NASA Engineer Wants to Make STEM Youth Education More Accessible

Aisha Bowe had more potential in mathematics and engineering than she realized. She wants to help others make the same discovery.

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10 Skills to Make More Engineers Employable in 2020

It has been seen that even though engineering students have scored good grades through the duration of their course, they face constant rejections during the interviews

Growth Strategies

Why Industry-driven Training is Critical for Employability Amongst Indian Engineers

The major challenge plaguing the talent pool of fresh engineering graduates is the insufficient understanding of the fundamentals

Growth Strategies

5 'E's that Indian Engineers will need by 2020

An insight into the skillsets an Indian engineer needs to have to be a part of the new-age workforce

Growth Strategies

This Solar Energy-Focused Company is Working Towards the Cause Since 1991

Being an early player in a market, which is the need of the hour, can be rewarding believes Hartek Group's Founder Simarpreet Singh


Scaling Engineering Teams as You Grow

Rapid innovation across the technological landscape brings increased demands on engineering teams. As companies scale, product development must evolve accordingly


Why Engineers Like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Make Great CEOs

Studies have shown that startup founders with an engineering background outnumbered those with MBAs by about three-to-one.

Women Entrepreneur™

What Drove This Lady to Take the Road Less Taken?

Harshbeena Zaveri is looking towards acquiring in the friction-bearing space, engineering services and is likely to set up greenfield project overseas

Science & Technology

How Software Teams Can Learn to Make Beautiful Music Together

Bluegrass bands and software teams might seem worlds apart, but those fiddlers and pickers might teach the techs a thing or two.


How Technology is Engineering Better Learning Modules for Students

Colleges are also incorporating study on robots and Artificial Intelligence, for students to have an in-depth technical knowledge at an early stage


Can Tech-innovation Serve as the Panacea to Age-old Agricultural Challenges?

It is time to build intelligent, self-cleaning, aquaponics systems that help people grow completely organic food in the comfort of homes


Why Tech Needs to Stop Blaming the Pipeline for Its Lack of Diversity

One-time fixes and half-measures won't cut it. Company leaders must fully commit to continuous improvement, just as they do in other aspects of their businesses.

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#5 Emerging Trends in Engineering Education in India

Each engineering institution should have a vision to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship