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How Technology is Engineering Better Learning Modules for Students

Colleges are also incorporating study on robots and Artificial Intelligence, for students to have an in-depth technical knowledge at an early stage


Can Tech-innovation Serve as the Panacea to Age-old Agricultural Challenges?

It is time to build intelligent, self-cleaning, aquaponics systems that help people grow completely organic food in the comfort of homes


Why Tech Needs to Stop Blaming the Pipeline for Its Lack of Diversity

One-time fixes and half-measures won't cut it. Company leaders must fully commit to continuous improvement, just as they do in other aspects of their businesses.

News and Trends

#5 Emerging Trends in Engineering Education in India

Each engineering institution should have a vision to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship

Thought Leaders

Greatness Begins With Understanding the Basics of Business

Entrepreneur's must parse the difference between one hit wonders and companies with longevity.

Growth Strategies

#5 Ways How Engineering Can Make a Comeback with Innovation

Engineering institutions should focus on encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship by adding it to the curriculum


Is Talent Crunch a Spoiler for India's AI Industry?

The war for AI talent, henceforth, would be ruthless enough to easily dwarf the challenge for spotting good software engineers

News and Trends

'Practical Connect Is Largely Missing In Indian Academics'

Soumitra Bhattacharya, Managing Director, Bosch Ltd, explained the relevance of training potential employees in India to acquire the right skill set.

Growth Strategies

Why 'Experiential Learning' is the Way Forward for Indian Students?

Studies have shown that experiential learning is 15 times more effective than learning through books and lectures.

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Employability Skills Are a Must in the Current Indian Job Market

India's demographic dividend will be a turn into burden if we continue to have only 20% of our graduates being employable

Starting a Business

High-Tech Startups Need to Ditch the 'Engineers Rule' Mentality

Everyone is in the people business. Create a balance between ideas and execution to ensure the long-term success of your new company.


A Startup's Guide to Recruiting Sales & Marketing Freshers

You are chauffeur driven to the institution where you deliver a presentation, conduct an aptitude test, interview prospective talent and issue the offer letters.

Growth Strategies

Winning By Design: 4 Powerful Ways to Integrate Design in Your Venture

Design matters more than ever before, because we as users as well have evolved.

Growing a Business

The 'Triangles of Success' Are More Than a Good Laugh

HBO's Silicon Valley offers insight into the perennial struggle between sales and engineering, between marketing and manufacturing.


This IIM-B-Incubated Institute Aims To Equip Engineers With Key Industry Skills

Fresh engineers are completely unaware of current industrial needs