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Decoding the Top 5 Entrepreneurial Myths

Take off the coloured lens to see the world clearly; so you can build your own path, follow your own dream, and be the CEO of your own life


How Joshin Raghubar's Eagerness to Learn Has Helped Him Build a R115-Million Business

Joshin Raghubar started his career as an intern. He put up his hand for any job. Today he runs a R115 million business and continues to launch companies, and he still believes the ingredient to greatness starts with always showing up.


How OnePlus Became The Hero of Indian Smartphone Market

OnePlus recently surpassed Samsung and Apple to lead the premium smartphone segment in India for the first time ever for a full quarter


How Robin Olivier Built a R240-million Business From R5 000

Robin Olivier launched his first business with two partners and R5 000 between them. Within ten years they'd built a R140-million organisation with 110 employees, but they didn't even have an HR manager. Good people were leaving, and Robin realised they needed to make some serious changes. Here's how those changes have almost doubled the business's turnover.

Starting a Business

"I Get A Little Perturbed If I Don't Have Any Problems On A Certain Day"

This startup is bridging the gap between religion and startups by bringing eCommerce to spirituality!

Thought Leaders

6 Little-Known Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Who could have guessed that 'introvert' is one of them?

Employee Experience & Recruiting

6 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Santa

Santa Claus has run a thriving toy distribution business without a major rebrand for 1,800 years. He has to be doing a few things right.

Thought Leaders

50 Ways Entrepreneurship Will Change Your Life

Do you find yourself loving puzzles more than ever? Appreciate criticism and your personal freedom in a new way?

Starting a Business

9 Entrepreneurs Tell Their Stories of Pivoting 180 Degrees to Start New Careers

Follow your gut and your heart, these nine men and women say, and good things will follow.

Thought Leaders

The 10 Entrepreneurs Who Defined 2014

Read about the business leaders who dominated headlines in 2014 and set the stage for the year ahead -- for better or for worse.

Business Ideas

Everfan's Custom Capes Take Off Among Superhero Worshipers

Meet the man who built a grown-up business from a childhood love of superheroes.


How to Raise Cash With Crowdfunding

Sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo attract hobbyists and wannabes, but they can also help aspiring raise up to the five or six figures.

Business Ideas

A Dad's Cautionary Advice Led to a Growing Family Business

After a near-accident while training for a marathon, an entrepreneur develops a line of identification gear for outdoor athletes.

Data & Recovery

My Top 10 List: Online Entrepreneur Craig Newmark

The Craigslist founder shares his latest projects, plus his picks for browsing, reading and TV watching, too.

Starting a Business

The Kickoff: Three Startups Born from the NFL

After the Super Bowl and the end of the season, some football stars learn business skills and start their own companies.