Iflix Race for Local Stories to Win Over Southeast Asia's OTT

Getting local is how it has helped the Malaysia-based over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platform, Iflix, to foray in Southeast Asia's 12 countries

Growth Strategies

Startup Failure? Let's Find Where Are You Going Off the Track

Are You Taking Your Startup in the Right Direction?


Wakeup Call: Let us be Passionate About Heritage Tourism

How heritage tourism is drawing importance in the travel-tourism industry and translating economies with entrepreneurial initiatives!


7 მაისს ქართველი ანტრეპრენერების პროდუქციის გამოფენა-გაყიდვა გაიმართება

მონაწილეებს შორის არიან კომპანიები როგორც დეკორის, კვების, ღვინის, მოდის, ტექნოლოგიური ინდუსტრიებიდან, ასევე მწვანე ბიზნესისა და სოციალური საწარმოების წარმომადგენლები.

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An Emotional Goodbye from Naresh Goyal

Naresh Goyal's exit from Jet Airways marks the end of an era


What it takes to Make it to a Coffee Table Book

Here are some of the qualities that can get you on the top of the game!


მუდმივი განვითარება, საკუთარ თავზე მუშაობა და მომავლის გლობალური ხედვა

ამ თვისებების წყალობით, ხალიჩების გამყიდველი თურქი ბიჭი RIXOS-ის – მსოფლიო კლასის ბრენდის დამფუძნებლად იქცა


ჲ ანუ იოტა

ქართული ბრენდის დამფუძნებელი

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Fugitive Tycoon Vijay Mallya to be Extradited to India, Rules UK Court

The liquor baron, who has been wanted in India since 2016, to meet his fate soon


This Car-fanatic Ends his Week by Smashing Few Balls at The Court

Luxury connoisseur Ritesh Srivastava, ends a busy week by volleying a few shots on the squash court.


How Junior Shah is Spearheading Her Father's Business, Alongside Her Own Venture

Akshali formally joined Parag Milk Foods only after completing her MBA. Today, she is the brain behind its premium product Pride of Cows.


Here Are The Best Ways For Lending Companies To Maintain Low NPAs

As bad loans continue to plague the country's economy, it is now critical for lending institutions, to be careful about allotting loans and stringent about having a robust collection mechanism.

Business News

Why a 39-Year-Old Quit His Job Running One of Google's Most Fun Divisions and Took a Huge Pay Cut to Launch a Startup

At an age where many people are hoping for career stability, David Ripert took a huge leap into the augmented reality space.


How Can You Shift from A Businessman Mindset to That of an Entrepreneur

Celebrating others' success is the first step to make a mindset shift from an ordinary businessman to a true entrepreneur


An Entrepreneurial Angle on Virtual labs

New emerging solutions in Virtual labs like online live or recorded video-based courses have become preferred mode for technology training