Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

'Unfair Advantage': What's Yours and How Do You Capitalize on It?

Are you leaving your strongest selling point in your back pocket?
Leadership Qualities

Practice the Magical Strength of Vulnerability

Stop thinking of vulnerability as a weakness; it's a leadership strength.
Entrepreneur Mindset

8 Differences Between 'Entrepreneurs' and 'Employees'

Employees are threatened by those smarter than they are; entrepreneurs hire them.
Entrepreneurial Mindset

10 Regrets Most Entrepreneurs Eventually Face

Burning bridges? Putting off company culture?

How to Be Grateful When Times Are Tough

Use these 5 practical steps to program your brain to feel good, no matter what.
Project Grow

The 4 Traits That Birth Greatness

Will, clarity, faith and surrender are the road map to realizing your vision.
Entrepreneurial Mindset

Good Entrepreneurship Advice Is About Mindset

Four successful entrepreneurs give advice that connects to specific parts of the entrepreneurial mindset.
Entrepreneurial Mindset

'Entrepreneurial ADHD' and How to Deal With It

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder can actually be an advantage if you're an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneurial Mindset

5 Quirks That Contribute to Success

You know those people with that constant 'can do' attitude? Don't resent them. Emulate them.
Inspirational Quotes

8 Motivational Quotes for 2016

Maimonides, Mark Twain, Walt Disney. Whose words will be your personal guide?
Project Grow

10 Things All Entrepreneurs Should Be Extremely Grateful For

Have you counted your entrepreneurial blessings this year?
Project Grow

5 Lessons to Learn From 'The Voice' Winner Jordan Smith

He was the front-runner from the start but thought he had zero chance to win, a lesson in humility we can all learn from.
Entrepreneurial Mindset

10 Mindsets of a True Winner

Mindset only matters when it leads to action. Winning is an action, not a mindset.

Quit Your Business Now Unless You Can Answer 'Yes' to These 3 Questions

Are you actually accomplishing your life's goal? If not, run for the hills.
Entrepreneurial Mindset

You Don't Need 'It.' You Need 'G.R.I.T.'

Guts. Resilience. Initiative. Tenacity. Do these describe you?