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How an MBA Will Prepare You to Change the World

Is changing the world just a lofty ambition for business schools, or can an MBA help students turn it into a reality? Here's how the MBA degree has transformed.

Growth Strategies

Chasing Angels: What Early Investors Look for In a Pre-Series A Company

"When you're talking to me in the first minute, I'm thinking - is this person a leader?" - Ron Conway, American angel investor, often described as one of Silicon Valley's "super angels"

Growth Strategies

Sheraa CEO Najla Al Midfa On What To Expect From The 2019 Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival

Organized by the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre (Sheraa), the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival (SEF) returns on November 25-26, 2019.


Why the Indian Education Industry Will be a Goldmine For Investors in the Coming Years?

The need is to pick companies which have unique solutions, new business models, and a rebellious approach


Does MBAs Prepare People for Successful Jobs or Entrepreneurship?

Business degrees can significantly increase the value of candidates if a university spend more time teaching their students critical soft skills

Growth Strategies

To Win The Jobs Race, Head Out On A Learning Sprint

With fears that automation may soon replace many jobs, keeping up with new skills and industry trends will be a necessity to survive.


4 Entrepreneurial Skills We Should Be Teaching in Schools

American K-12 schools don't teach entrepreneurial skills, leaving kids ill-prepared for the future.


5 Ways To Introduce Entrepreneurship Education In Classrooms

Building Character and Vision

Thought Leaders

How the U.K. Can -- and Should -- Encourage Our Youth to Pursue Entrepreneurship

Encouraging young people to discover entrepreneurship as a career option carries huge benefits to society.

Growing a Business

How I Became the CEO of a Multimillion-Dollar Company -- Without Going to College

You too can build a strong foundation for your future by using that spare study time to dive deep into the skills that'll be most applicable for the real world.

Money & Finance

It's Way Past Time to Let Go of These 7 Entrepreneurship Myths

What we don't know is a small problem compared with what we're sure is true -- which is flat-out wrong.

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Schools Weren't Built for Tomorrow's Leaders

Venture off campus to cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset in ways the curricula simply can't.

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#5 Ways to Produce Efficient Entrepreneurs By Changing the Way we Teach

While our educators are responsible for the preparation of our future generations - or the lack thereof, this extremely crucial task is neglected due to an outdated education system

Starting a Business

The (Right) Formula To Cultivate Entrepreneurial Talent

Lessons learnt in the road to building a startup ecosystem in Sharjah.


#10 Reasons Why Schools Should Encourage Entrepreneurship

A key skill for every entrepreneur to help devise interesting approaches is creativity