Science & Technology

Should We Start Treating Robots Like People?

Robots are getting smarter, faster and more human-like every day: they can recognize faces, understand our emotions, drive cars and even operate on patients. So why aren't we treating them like us?

News and Trends

Ethical Issues Associated With Knowledge Management In The Service Sector

The role of knowledge management is immense with regard to identifying customer preferences, best practices, reducing turnaround time and efficient ways of mitigating errors.


Are You Marketing or Manipulating? Let's Find Out.

Are you in business to solve your client's needs or solely to make money? Let's explore the fine line between marketing and manipulation.

Science & Technology

Can We Teach Morality to Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has already changed the way we live our everyday lives. It may have the potential to go even further.

Growth Strategies

Call A Spade A Spade: Meting Out A Valid Criticism Does Not Make You Disloyal To The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship

Just because you are sharing an "unpopular opinion" doesn't mean you are in the wrong. Often, it may put you in the position of being the only right one.

Business News

5 Takeaways from 'The Guardian's' Exposé on Uber's Leaked Documents

From explicit internal communication to "weaponizing" drivers, leaked Uber documents reveal the company's unorthodox and questionable practices.


What Exactly Is A "Porterage" Fee? It's a Great Example of What You Shouldn't Be Charging Your Customers

You might encounter this fee if you have upcoming business or leisure travel planned.


Why ESG Conscious Companies are Resilient Companies

The courageous leaders of today are those that are taking their social impact into account.


Use This Powerful Method of Persuasion to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

If you base your sales process on manipulation or pressure, you're missing out on much more enduring successes.


This Is What Courageous Leadership Looks Like

A dynamic combination of humility, accessibility, steadfastness and risk-readiness, leaders who truly inspire share the goal of wanting to make a better world.


Disruption to the Rescue

In matters both mundane and critical, it can be easier to simply go with the flow, but to create true waves of innovation, it's vital to disrupt the status quo.

Thought Leaders

5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos Trial

Though the verdict surrounding her wire fraud charge might be debated, what the Theranos founder was indisputably guilty of is a breach of some of the essential ethical codes of business conduct.

Growing a Business

Public Relations Bring Ethics Under the Spotlight

Contemporary PR should constantly review its codes and practices.

Social Media

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Shape the Future of Social Media

Methods of innovating with social technologies, and how we can explore an ethically better social-media frontier.


When Does Marketing Hype Go Too Far?

An attorney and business owner explains how companies can stay on the right side of the too-aggressive marketing line and protect themselves from legal problems.