Empower Your Customers and Exceed Expectations With These 3 Customer Service Strategies

Customer expectations have transformed radically — here's how to keep exceeding them.


Noticed a Growing Disconnect Between Employees and Employers? Here's Why.

It's essential for business leaders to realize that it's the workplace that needs to change, not the employees. By doing these three things, leaders can meet employees where they are and create more inclusive workplaces where everyone feels seen, heard and like they belong.


3 Ways to Align Expectations Within Your Team

If everyone on your team has a different vision for achieving a goal, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Growing a Business

Set Yourself Up for Success By Setting Expectations

It doesn't matter if you have a dynamite product or brilliant service to offer. If you don't establish boundaries and expectations with customers, they'll be disappointed.

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How to Set Expectations and Get the Performance You Want From Your Team

Effective leadership begins with conveying crystal-clear goals.

Thought Leaders

Why Making Progress Is the Most Powerful Motivator

Achieve your goals one small win at a time.


Frustrated With a Colleague? Expectations May Be Why.

If you're looking to defuse conflict, start with an expectation test.


The Dangers of Overpromising and Under-Delivering

Seven potentially perilous outcomes of making careless assurances.

Growing a Business

Are You Meeting (and Setting) Customers' Expectations?

To succeed, the value of what you offer must be greater than what people expect.


Why Finding the Right Co-founder Might Be the Most Important Decision for a Founder

Building a company is a long, sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes nerve-wracking journey. A co-founder can make this journey easier or harder. But what exactly distinguishes a good co-founder and how does one find the right co-founder(s)?

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Over-Promising is the Worst Mistake an Entrepreneur Can Make

Nothing will underwhelm clients and customers more than under-delivering.

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Budget 2019 Expectations: 7 Things the Government Can Do to Boost the Indian Economy

The one area where the NDA 1 government was seen to be under performing was in job creation, this is where big announcements are expected