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Election Essentials: 4 Websites to Identify Deepfakes and Fake News During India's 2024 Elections

With deepfakes expected to be a major part of the election season worldwide, voters should do their due diligence prior to believing or sharing news


How Generative AI Is Fueling the Rise of Fake News and Online Fraud

Generative AI is a blessing for a wide range of professionals, from artists to scientists. Yet, as with any other technology, it can be used with ill intentions.


Elon Musk, entre los usuarios que comparten más 'fake news' en X

Un medio especializado publicó un ranking que ubica al dueño de la red social en la posición número 25.

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A New 'EcoWarrior' Barbie Is Making Headlines. But It Turns Out It Was All a Hoax.

The fake Barbie was perpetrated by climate change activists using a phony website and press release — and it worked.

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How the 'Death' of Journalism Means More Accurate News

More people sharing their expertise and news also means more fake news. How do we fix this?

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Twitter Moves to Curb COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories With Warnings, Labels

'These warnings will inform people that the information in the Tweet conflicts with public health experts' guidance before they view it,' the company says.

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What's Trending About the 'Trending' Bulletin Media in 2020

Populace obtains the information that silhouettes their vision of the world and the face of that vision changes its semblance from print to digital news media.

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Facebook and Instagram to Limit Coronavirus Misinformation

False information will be flagged and its reach limited while harmful posts spreading disinformation about cures and prevention methods will be removed.

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How Facebook Plans To Step Up Its Effort To Combat Fake News

Facebook is planning to have community reviewers to fact check content posted on the platform

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Here is Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp's Tussle With Israeli Surveillance Firm NSO

According to WhatsApp, NSO was involved in the cyber attack on WhatsApp's video calling service using which they send malware to users

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After A Year Of Criticism, Will Facebook's Oversight Board Help In Better Governance?

The Oversight Board will work with Facebook and issue policy advisory opinions on Facebook's content policies

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7 Symptoms of Poor Social Media Hygiene

The monster that emerges from you when posting on social media is fraying of the fabric of society. Cut it out!

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Beyond India: Blockchain Might Soon Enter LSE & Now You Can Earn Cryptocurrency While Driving

Stay tuned to get every day updates in 60 seconds

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How India can Fight the Malign of Fake News?

Indian startups are joining forces with global giants to efficiently fight the battle between fake and fact