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What's Trending About the 'Trending' Bulletin Media in 2020 Populace obtains the information that silhouettes their vision of the world and the face of that vision changes its semblance from print to digital news media.

By Shakir Ebrahim

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Marrowing your way through news is a resilient call, chiefly when you look at the news correspondence industry in the booming year of 2020; it's no longer limited in scope on regional schisms, platforms, genre or the level of depth in content. And that makes it tougher for everyone, from alternate news startups to established big media, self-governed channels to OTT platforms to customarily carve and guard a niche of their own kind.

What SWOT analysis for news media in 2020 mainly focuses on:


Brand value: The biggest potency of a news media company can have today is the trademark name that it has cultivated its vigor and authority. Larger names in print and television still dominate a brand value, chiefly around the legitimacy of their subject matter. That's the rationale that brands like The Economist, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal put up subscription pay walls up because they recognize that everyone would forfeit.

Platforms: There are opulent amount of platforms to roll-out your message. You can choose not only from print media, radio, TV, podcasts and digital, but also from offline platforms like events, talk shows, conferences, or news satire by John Oliver and Trevor Noah, and AIB before it got dismantled.


Competition from like competitors: There is the vast set of competitors lining up against each other, each offering same or comparable services, serving analogous audiences. Some of them contemplate on a distinct platform, some with a momentous spread across diverse genre. For instance: topical big media like Huffington Post, The Print and The Quint are an active part of this journey.

Competition from contrasting competitors: Blogs, vlogs and podcasts by stand-alone story creators can (and do) hit the subscriber's base and promotional revenue of - news. General news podcasts are under attack from niche players both on social media like Instagram, YouTube and online search platforms.

Limited revenue from ad world: An outsized concern this time is shaping a steady and adequate financial capital to run these operations. It cannot be limited to mere advertising revenue from the advertisement stream.


Niche, niche, niches, deep, deep, deeper. National Geographic is allied with nature and History Channel with history, but there are numerous sub-groups one can center on; says Indian population in America, which has not been adequately explored.

Aim to build credibility: In a world of fake news, a good news organisation must authenticate its content and set ethical standards. Hire fine writers and you will routinely see a rise in production statistics.

Create manifold combinations for the same news: The next area to develop is to work your enchantment with the utilization patterns of the novel audience. A news media company can tie in multiple options by which it would distribute a single news and create a large number of combinations in which it would spread the same item. The better your cred, the easier it will be to attract bigger names.


Unreliable news: In a bid to shock and garner eyeballs, the entire news media industry faces the peril of falling prey to fake news, the biggest bane of our times. Verification, a vital function to ensure authenticity, goes for a toss when everyone can fashion, publish and dole-out news. And in a nation like ours, fake news has constantly led to trouncing of reputation, time and even lives.

Propaganda and agenda: Another menace, which is looming over nearly all forms of mainstream media, is the spread of propaganda and agenda-driven items. Party affiliations and corporate interests define news priorities, ensuring over reportage on one end and ignorance over others. Agenda-driven angles mean that protesters are called fringe groups and hate speech gets bombarded against users each day.

The world is here and ready for the next revolution. I hope this leads to a positive shift that we've all been waiting for.

Shakir Ebrahim

Founder of GoBisbo Broadcasting Network Pvt. Ltd. and Creator of Bisbo

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