Government, Claiming it Cracked iPhone Security, Drops Legal Action Against Apple

The abrupt end to a confrontation that had transfixed the tech industry was a victory for Apple, which vehemently opposed a court order to unlock the device used by the San Bernardino shooter.

How the FBI Might Unlock That iPhone Without Apple's Help

The FBI is going to test out the technique over the next two weeks and will report back to the court hearing the case.

Government Now Says it May Not Need Apple to Unlock iPhone, Postpones Hearing

The government had insisted until Monday that it had no way to access the phone used by one of the killers in the December massacre in San Bernardino, Calif.

Some Apple Engineers Threaten to Quit if Forced to Break iPhone Encryption

Multiple Apple employees told the New York Times they would resist a direct order to create an encryption backdoor.

FBI Warns of Vehicle Hacking Risks

'While not all hacking incidents may result in a risk to safety, it is important that consumers take appropriate steps to minimize risk.'

Apple: Founding Fathers Would Be 'Appalled' by Government's iPhone Request

The company is fighting the Justice Department over encryption standards.

Justice Department Calls Apple's Rhetoric 'Corrosive' in iPhone Case

The government said Apple 'deliberately raised technological barriers' to prevent execution of a warrant.

Tech Companies to Apple: We've Got Your Back

The rare display of unity and support from Apple's sometime-rivals showed the breadth of Silicon Valley's opposition to the government's anti-encryption effort, a position endorsed by the United Nations human rights chief.