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Is Capital One a Smart Financial Stock to Invest In?

The rising interest rate environment bodes well for the financial industry because higher rates increase its interest income. So, is Capital One Financial (COF) well-positioned to capitalize on the rising...

Dipanjan Banchur

What is a 4% Withdrawal Rate? How it Might Haunt Your Retirement

A 4% withdrawal rate is a common rule of thumb when planning for retirement. But what does that mean? And more importantly, is it right for you? This blog post...

Netflix vs. Facebook: Which Beaten-Down FAANG Stock Is Currently a Buy?

Shares of FAANG stocks such as Netflix (NFLX) and Meta Platforms (FB) are trading significantly lower compared to all-time highs. The two companies have trailed the equity markets by a...

Aditya Raghunath

Is Range Resources a Smart Natural Gas Stock to Own in 2022?

The shares of natural gas company Range Resources (RRC) have soared in price over the past few months thanks to surging natural gas prices. However, given the company's mixed fundamental...

Pragya Pandey

5 Cost-Conscious Retail Stocks That Could Thrive During a Recession

Many analysts believe that the U.S. economy is slipping into recession. We think investors looking to dodge the recessionary pressure could bet on discount retail stocks Costco (COST), Walmart (WMT),...

Dipanjan Banchur

Is International Paper a Good Value Stock to Invest In?

Leading paper and packaging company International Paper (IP) topped sales estimates in its last reported quarter and its shares rose 5.6% in price on investor optimism surrounding the stock's prospects....

Pragya Pandey

Is Starry Group Holdings a Winner in the Telecom Industry?

The Boston-based telecom service provider Starry Group Holdings (STRY) debuted on the NYSE earlier this year. Also, the company has demonstrated solid momentum in its customer relationship growth and network...

Subhasree Kar

Uber Fails To Impress

If you thought ride hailing app Uber (NYSE: UBER) was going to deliver the stock market from the horrendous start to the years it's had, think again.

Sam Quirke

World Wresting Entertainment Stock is Hulking Up

Sports entertainment and media company World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE: WWE) stock has maintained a choppy range between $45 to $65 for over a year.

Jea Yu

High-Yield Weyco Group Returns To Reasonable Levels

Weyco Group (NASDAQ: WEYS) caught our eye a few years ago while screening for small-cap dividend growth stocks. The company owns a healthy portfolio of legacy and growth-oriented shoe brands...

Thomas Hughes

MarketBeat Podcast: Alternative Investing Strategies Despite Market Volatility

In today’s episode, Kate chats with AlphaCore Wealth Advisory CEO Dick Pfister about strategies for alternative investing.

MarketBeat Staff

Limelight Networks Stock is a Speculative Turnaround Opportunity

Internet content delivery network (CDN) provider Limelight Networks (NASDAQ: LLNW) shares plunged on its fiscal Q1 2022 earnings results.

Jea Yu