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The Power of Intentionality: The Last Piece of Financial Advice You Will Ever Need

For many people, understanding financial advice can be daunting. The sheer amount of information about budgets, investments, and debt management can be paralyzing. However, what if something was missing, a...

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3 Gold Stocks Making May Moves

Gold prices have witnessed an upward trajectory lately, driven by rising speculation surrounding a potential interest rate cut, safe-haven demand, central bank buying, and geopolitical tensions. Thus, investors could consider...

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3 Software Stocks Trading at Attractive Prices

With the surge in demand for custom software solutions across various industries and the rapid adoption of advanced technologies, the software industry is poised for a prosperous future. This makes...

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From Meager to Mighty: India Holds 60% of Global Vaccine Production

From the bustling urban hospitals in metropolitan cities to the rural health clinics in remote villages, India's healthcare system is a study in contrasts. FICCI-EY report – 'Decoding India's Healthcare Landscape' notes the leaps and bounds India has taken in the context of the healthcare sector.

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Strategies to Live Cheaply and Thrive

Fewer than half of all Americans are “very satisfied” with how life is going in their personal lives, for just the third time in two decades, according to Gallup. Here’s...

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Exploring bonds as lucrative investments

The investment landscape is a dynamic and ever-changing field, with various asset classes vying for the title of the most lucrative investment. For a long time, the adage “cash is...

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Navigating life’s peaks and valleys

Life is a journey, a rollercoaster ride filled with a myriad of experiences, emotions, and events. It takes us through high peaks of joy and deep valleys of despair. This...

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Understanding and overcoming self-sabotage

Have you ever found yourself standing in your own way, blocking your path to success? You’re not alone. Self-defeating behavior, known as self-sabotage, is a common phenomenon many of us...

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Applied Materials (AMAT) Earnings Preview: Buy Signal or Warning?

Applied Materials (AMAT) is all set to announce its second-quarter earnings today. However, taking into account the expected revenue and earnings decline over the prior-year quarter, is it wise to...

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3 Pharma Stocks Primed for May Investment Opportunities

The pharma industry is poised for tremendous growth driven by surging healthcare needs, the introduction of groundbreaking medications, and relentless technological innovation. Hence, quality pharma stocks Collegium Pharmaceutical (COLL), Green...

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The Minimalist Approach to Personal Finance: How to Simplify Your Life While Saving Money

It’s no secret that we live in a world obsessed with “more.” But, as Benjamin Franklin said, “Many a man thinks he is buying pleasure when he is really selling...

Starting a Business

How Much Capital Does Your Startup Need? Here Are 7 Key Factors to Consider.

Here's what you need to assess when determining the amount of capital your startup needs — and how adequate funding can enhance your chances of success.

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US inflation takes a dip for the first time in three years

Much to the relief of consumers, especially the Federal Reserve, inflation has fallen for the first time in three years. Reliable statistics from the Labor Department confirm the downward trend...

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3 Software Stocks on the Verge of Skyrocketing

The software industry is witnessing remarkable growth, propelled by digital transformation initiatives, increased adoption of cloud-based services, advancements in AI and automation, and cybersecurity needs. Hence, it could be wise...


If You Want Funding, These Are the Financial Reports VCs Need to See

When you're trying to attract new investors, there are several financial reports and metrics you'll need to have ready before you have a chance at potential funding. As the CEO of a venture capital firm and investment group, here's what you need for the best pitch.