Finding Help


How to Ask People for Favors, When You're Uncomfortable Doing It

I speak from experience: It'll go a lot better than you think.


Six Ways To Manage Loneliness As An Entrepreneur

Ultimately, keeping yourself happy and fulfilled will help you to sustain your passion and energy for your business, and steer it to success.

Growing a Business

Asking for Help Might Be the Key to Your Success

Collaborating and asking others for help makes you better and stronger, not weaker. Here's why you need to ask for help and take your business to new heights.


5 Ways to Get Better at Asking for Help

Knowing when and how to ask for help produces better results


How to Fight Learned Helplessness at Work

Here's what to do when you feel stuck at your job.

Thought Leaders

5 Steps for Bouncing Back After You Fail

Asking for help is OK.

Growing a Business

My Journey From Couch-Surfing Kid to Tech Engineer

Many problems are solved by matching companies in need of highly skilled employees with people in need of opportunity.

Resumes & Interviewing

3 Ways Fast-Growing Companies Land the Best Talent

With unemployment at a 16-year low, competition for the best employees is fierce.


These Start-ups are On a Mission to Make Indian Roads Safer

Their apps have special features to help you with direction and provide emergency assistance in case of accidents

Growing a Business

The Power of Having Trusted Critics in Your Life

Write down at least five people who could serve as a trusted critic in your life. Think of them as your own special advisory board.

Thought Leaders

3 Unusual Ways to Get the Support You Need

What to do when you don't know what to do.

Business News

Facebook Adds Suicide-Prevention Tools for Live Video

Facebook is also making it easier to connect with crisis support organizations over Messenger.

Starting a Business

Finding Community Helped This Former Addict Build Mental Resilience

Ray Morvan credits stoicism for getting through life challenges that would break a lesser man.

Social Media

From Losing Weight to Proposing, Here Are 7 Unexpected Ways People Used Twitter

Get a tissue -- some of these stories may have you tearing up.


These 5 Startups Help You Beat Common Relocation Woes

All set to relocate, but hard to find new home and friends? Read below to find the answer to this question.