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Health & Wellness

Rejoice! Here Are 8 Possible Benefits of Eating Chocolate

You no longer have to save chocolate for your treat day.

Buying / Investing in Business

Meet the Chef-Inspired Robotic Kitchens That Can 4X Restaurant Profits

Driven by robotics, Nommi can make food bowls that taste just like a four-star chef made them. And they're ready to expand.

Business News

Texas Roadhouse Stock Looks Sizzling Down Here

Steakhouse operator Texas Roadhouse (NASDAQ: TXRH) stock has been cascading lower as sells off (-21%) on the year.

Thought Leaders

"I Am Not a Diversity Quota," Says the Founder Disrupting the Dessert Category

Here are three lessons Najwa Khan has learned in building her better-for-you brand.

Business News

The Weber, Inc Growth Story Goes Up In Smoke

There were great hopes for Weber, Inc (NYSE: WEBR) and the grilling industry in general but those hopes have gone up in smoke. While business is still good, growth is...

Business News

Beyond Meat Stock Value is Improving

Plant-based meats producer Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND) stock has been taking a beating since peaking at its $221 pandemic highs and tanking harder than the indices' sell-off.


Give Mom the Gift of a Night Out This Mother's Day

Take Mom out on the town with a gift card.

Business News

Is This The Bottom For Papa John's International?

Shares of Papa John's (NASDAQ: PZZA) have been in a correction for the last few quarters on concerns about valuation. The stock is still trading above 25X its earnings but...

Thought Leaders

This Founder is Starting a Breakfast Revolution by Reinventing One of America's Favorite Foods

Here are three lessons Aimee Yang is learning as she builds BetterBrand.


Ranchers and Vegans Have Finally Found Something They Can Agree On

Advocating for the importance of holistic farming techniques has united two unlikely factions.

Business News

Cal-Maine Foods Is On The Upswing, Finally

Cal-Maine Foods (NASDAQ: CALM) struggled with profitability last year leading us to write the stock off at the end of 2021. That was a mistake because right about the time...

Thought Leaders

How This First-Generation American Founder Is Taking on Fast-Food Giants

The three most important lessons Ayeshah Abuelhiga has learned in building Mason Dixie Foods.

News and Trends

Feeding Hungry Souls Through Technology

Akshaya Patra Foundation runs the world's largest school lunch programme, serving wholesome food to over 1.8 million children. The NGO has leveraged technology to increase its reach across India

Business News

General Mills Continues to Show Why It's a Fortress Stock

There are some stocks that fall into the category of fortress stocks. General Mills is one of them. With the stock likely to move higher, investors have an intriguing buying...

Thought Leaders

These Two Female Fitness Instructors Were Dismissed by Investors. Now, the Joke's on Them.

Their success came from leaning into their background, not shying away from it.