Ford propone controlar la velocidad de los vehículos en zonas urbanas vía GPS para reducir el número de accidentes

Las ciudades serían amuralladas para que los vehículos tengan que bajar la velocidad una vez que entren en ellas.

Ford announces upcoming launch of the F-150 Lightning, its electric pick-up

Ford Motor Company fully enters the electric car market with this new version of its beloved pick-up.

Anuncia Ford próximo lanzamiento de la F-150 Lightning, su pick-up eléctrica

Ford Motor Company le entra de lleno al mercado de los autos eléctricos con esta nueva versión de su amada pick-up.

Prices for New Vehicles Hit Record High: Kelley Blue Book

"New-vehicle average transaction prices (ATPs) increased further into record territory in December 2021 to reach $47,077," said the Kelley Blue Book report published Tuesday.

The Epoch Times

Ford Teams Up With Chip Giant GlobalFoundries to Boost US Semiconductor Supply

The two companies said in a joint release that their "strategic collaboration," would expand chip supply for Ford's current vehicle lineup and entail joint research and development to address the semiconductor needs of the U.S. automotive industry more broadly.

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Ford to Invest $11.4 Billion on Electric Vehicle, Battery Plants

The new sites will create 11,000 jobs and will focus on the next generation of electric F-Series trucks and the batteries to power future electric Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

How to Be a Design-Thinking Executive

Business executives are the people steering the ship towards its rightful destination.

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Chip Shortage to Cost Automakers $210 Billion in Sales: Analysis

The forecast, released Sept. 23, estimates that the shortage will cost the auto industry $210 billion globally in lost revenue in 2021.

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Nio Stock is Revving Up, But Should You Jump on Board?

Nio is one of the more fascinating companies in the electric vehicle sector. However with NIO stock up 30% in the last month, it's beginning to show s...

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Why 2021 Has Irreversibly Defined the Future of Electric Vehicles

This seems to be the year in which major manufacturers are committing to an all-electric path.

Dogecoins Are Now Worth More Than $50 Billion, Making Them More Valuable Than These Top American Manufacturers

What started off as a joke is now being taken seriously by a growing number of investors.

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