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From Washing Cars to Running a Multi-Million Dollar Empire

The first female to own a Ford dealership taught her children the secrets to sustaining success.

Rob Elder

Ford Files a Patent to Turn Self-Driving Cars Into Movie Theaters

If the patent is ever implemented, folks would be able to watch their favorite films on the go.

Ford Dips Toe Into Sharing Economy With New Leasing Program

The shared leasing pilot aims to attract customers who don't need a vehicle on a full-time basis, but still want some kind of ownership

Kirsten Korosec

Snubbing Apple and Google, Toyota Teams With Ford for Dashboard Tech

Ford's SmartDeviceLink allows drivers to access smartphone apps via the dashboard touch screen or even voice control.

Arjun Kharpal

Google and Ford Reportedly Teaming Up to Build Self-Driving Cars

The partnership will likely be announced at the 2016 CES trade show.

Laura Entis

Ford Gets Approval From California to Test Self-Driving Cars

The car company joins Tesla and Google in the autonomous automobile space.


How My Not-So-Hot Rod Taught Me the Difference Between Endearing and Enduring

Money hunting with venture capitalists is like dumping cash into a sports car -- a success only for the short term.

Ray Zinn

Why the Cargo Van Is Outpacing the Pickup as the Business Vehicle of Choice

With superior hauling capacity, killer pricing and lease deals to boot, the cargo van may put the pickup out to pasture.

Michael Frank

Automakers Unite to Prevent Cars From Being Hacked

An alliance including Ford and General Motors said it will create a center for sharing information and analysis to help make cars more secure.

Jonathan Vanian

Ford Joins Competitors in Growing Car-Sharing Initiative

The car company is one of several that are exploring alternatives to traditional car ownership, including more flexible on-demand models.