Breaking Out of the Matrix — How to Take Control of Your Life and Create a More Fulfilling Future

Find freedom and fulfillment by embracing new paths and opening your mind to abnormal experiences.

Growing a Business

How to Master the Floor Plan of Your Goals and Take Ownership of Your Freedom

We all share the freedom to achieve anything within our limits. Here's how we make the most of it.

Business News

Find Freedom in Any Moment

When we seek inside to let go of what holds us, freedom becomes available


What Visiting a Maximum Security Prison Taught Me About Entrepreneurship and Life

It's a shame how many people waste their freedom.


3 Things That Break The Myth That Franchisees Do Not Have Freedom In Business

Franchising industry has been rapidly expanding over the past few years, with many national and international players taking the industry by storm

Growing a Business

This Is Why You Need to Build a 7-Figure Business

Hint: It's not about the money.


Nothing Holds Back this Author and Activist from Voicing Her Concern

Kaur came into limelight when she was trolled for saying "Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him"

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India is the Largest Freelancer Market in the World, says Report

The study highlights that most Indian freelancers are under the age of 40 and are predominantly mostly men.


5 Untold and Unique Aspects of Sanjay Dutt's Life

Dutt's long love affair with photography has been a much of an unknown fact amongst his fans and close-knit people


Free Your Work, Free Your Soul

Here how I built a virtual health-care practice after writing my book, The Emotion Code.


#NetNeutrality is in Trouble Again: Here's What We Again need to do RIGHT NOW

TRAI has once again asked for the public's opinions on Net Neutrality. Act RIGHT NOW!


Being the Interface between Common Man and the Government

The fear and manual effort involved in filling an RTI application can be now history with online RTI

Growing a Business

4 Keys to Having More Freedom in Your Business

We often blame the business, but in reality, lack of freedom is due to us. Here are ways to fix that.

Thought Leaders

Why Daily Fantasy Sports and All Online Gambling Should Be Legal

In a free society people should be allowed to spend their money however wisely or foolishly they decide.

Thought Leaders

Entrepreneurship's Benefits Are Great Even When the Money Isn't

Building your own business offers personal freedom and fulfillment, along with the prospect of prosperity.