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4 Keys to Having More Freedom in Your Business

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Often, the very things we are creating -- our businesses -- end up being the chains around our lives. We get sidetracked by problems or the chase for more and end up being the servant instead of the master of our companies.

If we are not careful, our businesses can take everything from us and leave us burnt out and frustrated. Throwing in the towel and going to work a J.O.B. sounds appealing when we unconsciously surrender our freedom.

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We often blame the business, but in reality, lack of freedom is due to us. It may seem easier to blame circumstances outside of our control, but blame takes away our power to change. We are the problem -- but we are also the solution.

To gain freedom, make sure these four keys are in place.

1. Training

Constantly training and improving not only employee comprehension and skill but the heart behind the task is crucial to freedom. The more team members understand why your company does tasks, the more freedom you will have.

Every task includes science as well as art. Companies often stop at the do's and don't's and never cross into the art and heart of everything. Teach the art behind tasks, and create a group of highly skilled employees who will think. Train employees who don't need you to act and make decisions to reach a new level of freedom.

2. Personal finances

If we are not careful, we can become a slave to money, expanding our lifestyle to a point where we rob ourselves of freedom. We need to slow our lifestyle expenses down and leave room for retained earnings. Setting a paycheck that is attainable even in slow periods will insure freedom.

Keeping freedom of choice and freedom of time prioritized above large paychecks will lead to greater finances in the long run. Make sure to keep personal debt low or non-existent, and that will aid you in your quest for freedom.

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3. Prioritize

The to-do list never ends when you own your own business. It can become overwhelming, and often the solution that we come to is to prioritize the small, meaningless tasks that feel urgent. Those are easy to complete and make us feel good.

However, another key to freedom is prioritizing tasks that multiply your time over the quick little ones. Setting up systems and training out tasks today will multiply your time in the future leading to greater freedom tomorrow. Prioritize tasks that create more freedom in the future over today's tasks to find freedom that lasts.

4. Boundaries

When you love your business, boundaries can be hard. Our businesses are extensions of us, and the blurriness between play and work is supposed to be there. However, a total lack of boundaries all together will rob you of freedom. Set up time boundaries when you are working and when you are off. Stick to these times, and get in a flow that leads to both productivity and freedom. Discipline with boundaries will lead to greater freedom.

It sounds strange, but to gain freedom, we need to be disciplined. Lack of discipline in any of these areas will lead to a lack of freedom sooner or later. True freedom happens through choosing a temporary lack of freedom today for more tomorrow. Choose now, or have the choice taken from you through consequence.

If you find freedom has been taken from you, small steps toward freedom today will lead to freedom tomorrow. Time and focus will fix many missteps and past mistakes.

Do you have freedom in your business?

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