12 Amazing Tech Innovations You'll See at the Rio Olympics

From surveillance balloons to VR, these solutions are helping athletes go for the gold and giving fans new ways to cheer them on.

3 Travel Tech Gadgets to Keep You Charged and Online

Never wonder where your next charge is coming from.

5 Premium Tech Upgrades That Will Give You Geek Envy

Whether for work or pleasure, these gadgets and tools will come in handy.
Daily Deals

Entrepreneur Daily Deals: Save 40% on Dell Optiplex Mini Desktop and Portable Air Conditioners

A roundup of the best deals of the day for stuff you won't want to miss.
Edward Snowden

Snowden Designs iPhone Case to Detect Snooping

It's aimed at journalists discussing sensitive information.

Have Smartwatches Already Peaked?

The worldwide smartwatch market saw a year-over-year decline of 32 percent, according to IDC.

A Mini Retro Nintendo NES Arrives in November

A miniature version of the Nintendo Entertainment System goes on sale in November for $60.
Amazon Prime Day

14 Amazon Prime Day Deals You Can't Afford to Miss

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10 Gadgets That Can Make Your Summer Travels Easier

Keep your devices charged and your coffee at your side with these Skymall products.

10 Eye-Catching Gadgets From the Mobile World Congress

Check out some of the most innovative products unveiled at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
News and Trends

Nissan's Goofy Self-Parking Office Chairs Could Save Our Lazy Butts

Clap once to put them in their place and feel the corporate power.

Crowdfunding Platforms Need to Be Better Watchdogs, Says Journalist Who Investigated Kickstarter's Biggest European Failure

Some of the sketchiness associated with crowdfunding should be addressed by the platforms themselves, says Mark Harris.

10 CES Gadgets From the Past That Went Nowhere

The products at Consumer Electronics Show are supposed to be the next big thing, but sometimes they disappear.

10 Great Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

For when the clock is running out, and you need a gift NOW.

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