Best 6 Tech Gadgets for Entrepreneurs Here's what the top businesspersons use to keep productive

By Puneet Kapani

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Being productive and not just "busy' is the skill of every good entrepreneur and business person who is likely to achieve great heights. While technology in the form of increased screen time or video games is looked down upon, technology that boosts productivity can have a great impact in enhancing your day.

From a smart watch to software tools for productivity, there are several tech gadgets that entrepreneurs of this age swear by. With the rise in AI-based tools, IoT integrations, and wearable technology, gadgets can pretty much accompany you everywhere and assist in every sphere of life.

Breaking the shackles of age-old sayings, here are some gadgets that can actually help you focus more, improve your business, enhance your health, and help achieve a better mindset to be a top entrepreneur.

Top 6 gadget picks for entrepreneurs in 2021.

Solpro Charger

Well, if you're an entrepreneur who's looking to yield maximum productivity, you sure can't waste your time with an uncharged phone or device. You'd probably moving from one room to another and be busy trying to get tasks done! A portable charging option like the Solpro charger can be the perfect pick to carry in your pocket and use whenever you need it.


With you on your business meetings and ventures, the security of important business doc or material in your office can be an issue. You probably recall hanging around for a bit when strangers are in your office, you can't really leave it alone! Instead of wasting your valuable time, you can use Lockitron, which is a smartphone-operated lock for your door. You can even use a proximity sensor with it!

ZUtA Labs Pocket Printer

Ever had that moment when you had to get someone to write down important business information or hand it over informally? All because the printer was too far or you couldn't get it printed on time. ZUtA's pocket printer is a smart device that can be your mini portable savior. Just connect it to your phone or computer and hand out prints like the professional that you are!


Being a businessperson might mean an overwhelming amount of work with no time for self-care. If you can't make the time to go to the gym, you could at least give yourself daily mini-goals that you can track on your smart fitness watch -Fitbit. Count your steps, heart rate, how many calories you burnt today, and much more, all while living your hectic life the same!


If you deal with a lot of desk work, you're likely to have spine issues or a cramped neck very often. Digital entrepreneurs often spend hours on their desks and end up having acute body-ache as a result. NextDesk Adjustable Height Desk can be your best friend if you want to switch up between standing and sitting to do your work, raising the height for a presentation to walk around the room, and more. A comfortable entrepreneur is more likely to be a great one!

We also spoke to some entrepreneurs and here's what they said.

"I'm an Apple enthusiast, I love the seamless ecosystem they have built which allows continuity of activity from one device to another. I use MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad which enables me to drop and pick up from any other device. Another must-have is a pair of good noise-cancelling headphones, I use Bose NC700 regularly since I'm on calls all day long given the current situation of remote working. These headphones perfectly cancel all the background noise and provide a good experience, especially during meetings. Lastly, I enjoy playing games on PlayStation - it's a stress-buster that allows me to stay productive throughout the week. I have been meaning to get my hands on the new PlayStation 5," shares Kunal Kinalekar, Co-founder & CTO, BeatO.
Anurag Saboo, Co-founder-DaMENSCH shares his set of favourite gadgets that he swears by. "Gadgets I can't live without are

Apple AirPods - makes talking on calls effortless and clear. A must when you spend most of your day on calls

Apple Watch - allows me to stay away from the big phone screen during personal time. Also works great for physical fitness tracking

Gadget for unwinding/relaxing - a PS5 for playing multiplayer/competitive games like FIFA, UFC etc. The best thing to take the mind off work and yet stay active

Gadget for creativity - a DJI Mavic Pro drone while you are travelling, to explore nature and the beauty of a place from a different vantage point

Gadget for long calls - A wireless Bluetooth speaker, for times when you have more people discussing things together/you don't want earphones in your ears."

Puneet Kapani

Former Features Editor

Puneet Kapani, former features editor for Entrepreneur India, is self-driven and passionate about happenings and nuances of the world. She writes on lifestyle, gadgets, beauty, wellness, entertainment and technology updates around the globe. She has previously worked with L’Officiel India magazine, FHM Magazine and Times Internet. 

Catch a glimpse of her work at @PuneetKapani on LinkedIn and @puneetkapani on Instagram.

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