Side Hustle

This Insurance Agent Started a Side Hustle Inspired By Nostalgia for His Home State — Now It Earns Nearly $40,000 a Month

After moving to New York City, Danny Trejo started a business to stay in touch with his roots — literally.


Treat Your Plants Well with This Intuitive App

NatureID is a plant doctor, plant care guide, and encyclopedia in one.


The Green Panther

Lazy Gardener has reimagined gardening to fit into the present urban environment, and make gardening easier for people of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and living situations.


The Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits to Adorn Your Workspace

You don't need real sunlight to put your green thumb to work with the best indoor herb garden kits.


Urban Gardening: Transforming Our Cities from Grey To Green

While we have little or no control over the concretization of these large buildings over the lands, we can, however, contribute in a significant way to making the areas greener just by adopting some simple practices

Science & Technology

Pico Max Is a New Kind of Indoor Garden Kit for Herbs and More

Forget pods. Pico Max lets you use your own seeds to plant a wide variety of flowers, succulents, and herbs.

Growing a Business

Sowing the Seeds: What Gardening Teaches About Leadership

A garden is an ecosystem and so is your business. Designing, experimenting and prioritizing lead to a bountiful harvest.


Want to Start Your Own Garden? These #4 Apps Will Help You

Many start-ups and companies are building in apps through which one can easily measure plant growth and health.

Starting a Business

What Tending a Vegetable Garden Can Teach You About Business

Ever looked at your backyard tomatoes and radishes the way you look at your startup? 'Cultivation,' it turns out, has many apps.


How a Green Thumb Is Helping This Entrepreneur Earn Greenbacks

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Vertical Gardens Exist. You're Welcome.

Living walls are sprucing up retail spaces.

Starting a Business

Idea for an Organic Potting Soil Business Hits Pay Dirt

Mark Highland's Organic Mechanics is blooming.