The Green Panther Lazy Gardener has reimagined gardening to fit into the present urban environment, and make gardening easier for people of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and living situations.

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Vinayak Garg, the founder of Lazy Gardener is on a mission to make urban gardening simple. He has always felt like plants have been his calling in life and his interest in plants has only grown. Vinayak is a nature lover but due to his job, he couldn't do much gardening. He recalls his fondest memories are of gardening and going into the nature, yet he had become too busy to garden.

"On my niece's birthday, I gave her a gardening kit, and we now make memories in the garden together, much like my parents did with me and my siblings" says Vinayak.

According to Vinayak, the goal of the company is to create 1 million new gardeners by 2023 as he believes gardening is an easy first step towards practising mindfulness and protecting the environment. Lazy Gardener was originally started to sell plant nutrients that were easy for indoor gardeners to use. However, Vinayak developed a following on social media and was able to enrich lives by teaching thousands of gardeners how to care for plants in the comfort of their own homes. Lazy Gardener has reimagined gardening to fit into the present urban environment, and make gardening easier for people of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and living situations. Being a consumer brand, Lazy Gardener has served over 1 lakh customers over the past two years

The company's customers range from young first-time gardeners interested in greenery in their home to elderly folks who have always been interested in gardening but want to maintain a garden with much more convenience. The company also has large corporate clients that order their products as a meaningful gift to their workforce. Lazy Gardener products have been a part of corporate workforce gift campaigns at some of the world's leading companies, including Morgan Stanley, LinkedIn, and Amazon. Social media has made it possible for people to grow communities that couldn't have otherwise existed (like online gardening communities).Launching a new product range in 2021 that included macrame hangers and natural fertilizers, as well as attending the conference, "A Gardening Affair', with some of the leading minds on environmentalism, interior design, fitness, and other topics is another of Vinayak's highs. The profitable company is a bootstrapped venture and is in the first process of raising their first round of funding.

The company focusses on value addition to the customer. The margins not only allow the company to invest in high quality goods and deliver them. It also allows it to keep developing products that can't be found anywhere else in the market. Lazy Gardener continues to offer products across more gardening categories as it is the company's trigger for growth. The company covers about 15% of all plant care categories. Vinayak began educating gardeners on YouTube through lessons and master classes, much of which led to the initial growth of our community. He recently drafted a book for entry level gardeners that will make it easier for the next generation of gardeners to get involved.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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