The Buzz About Beehive: Peer-To-Peer Lending Makes A GCC Entrance

P2P lending refers to the practice of investors lending money directly to borrowers without going through a financial intermediary such as a bank.

The 2015 MENA Salary Guide: The Compensation, The Benefits, And The Rates Of Satisfaction

Competitive salary and benefits packages are among the most important factors for employee retention in the MENA region.

Three Necessary Factors To Establish A Qatari Silicon Valley

Dr. Maher Hakim of Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar on what needs to be done to establish a culture of innovation entrepreneurship in the Arab world.

Artistic Inclinations: MENA Platform Lets You Buy And Sell Fine Art Online

Artscoops is an online platform specializing in buying and selling art from MENA artists and commercial galleries.

Empowering Excellence: Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil Parambath

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil Parambath, founder And MD Of VPS Healthcare Group, stands out among UAE for-profit healthcare space.

Steve Mackie's BSUQ Wants To Help You Start Your Business In Qatar

BSUQ.com is a guide for foreign investors interested in starting a new business or expanding to Qatar.

Emirati 'Trep Mansoor Bastaki Gives You Something To Chew On

AB Middle East Trading LLC (MAB), Mansoor Bastaki's company, is a Dubai-based entity that manages and operates multiple areas such as retail-cafe outlets, Horeca and corporate sales, local distribution as well as regional re-export to the Middle East and India.
The Treps

Five Minutes With Sami Khoreibi, Founder Of Environmena

Sami Khoreibi started Environmena despite the challenges in starting a venture in the solar industry.
The Treps

Five Minutes With Entrepreneur Samar Nabulsi, MD Of Big On Children

The expat mom saw the gap in the market for edutainment, leading her to start her business.

Startup Mashaweer Wants To Do Your Errands In Dubai

Mashaweer is a UAE-based startup that offers to do all of your household or business errands for you, thereby saving your time, effort and money.
Developing Nations

Developing Nations: Why Bahrain Should Not Follow The Singapore Model

A country should not pursue development and growth for their own sake. A country's ultimate goal should be to make its citizens happy.

Infographic: Electronic Spending in MENA on the Up and Up

Statistics on MENA's electronic spending habits.

Namaa Al Munawara Hopes To Fuel SMEs In Madinah

Namaa Al Munawara is a SR1billion (US$226.5 million) non-profit organization launched by His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Salman, Governor of Madinah, in Saudi Arabia. It is the implementation arm of the Kingdom's Al Munawara Endowment.
Corporate Culture

Office Interiors Say A Lot About Your Corporate Culture

A working environment is as important as the idea itself. Brndstr CEO Simon Hudson on why entrepreneurs should take time to plan, imagine, and take inspiration for your dream workspace.

Emerging Markets Makes For Endless Opportunities: Hill International President Raouf S. Ghali

The President of International Project Management Group at Hill International, Raouf S. Ghali is optimistic about growth in Qatar and GCC.