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7 International Cities That Welcome New and Expanding Businesses

Sure, they're exotic, but have you considered their biggest benefit: cost savings?

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8 Hacks For International Expansion

Why international expansion is one of the biggest reasons behind businesses close shop.

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Africa: A New Business Frontier

There's a whole continent of largely untapped commercial potential in Africa.

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5 Things To Consider For International Expansion

If you think it's time to take your business global, here's a short guide.

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Workplace Tool Trello Has Eyes on Global Market, Crowdsources 16 New Languages for Platform

The company had 520 volunteers translate more than 47,000 words.

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Uber Lost a Whole Lot of Money in 2014 While Trying to Expand Overseas

Although the filing excludes the company's U.S. operations, it offers a rare snapshot of Uber's overseas performance as it rolled out its service to big cities around the world.

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How to Successfully Expand Your Business

Expansion is a risky business endeavor that requires more time, money, and energy than your current enterprise, but once a business reaches a certain capacity, there are only two options: grow or die.

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Assessing Your Market Opportunity: Five Signs It's Time To Expand Your Business

The co-founders of CRYO talked about the factors they considered before executing their expansion plans.

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4 Fundamentals for Evaluating an Overseas Expansion

The world is interconnected as never before but expanding into a foreign market retains its very steep learning curve.


Will These Franchises From Down Under Come Out on Top in America?

Australians are franchise fanatics -- and their eyes are on U.S. expansion.

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A World of Opportunity Awaits Small Businesses Interested in Exporting

Patient study and an adventurous spirit are necessary to sell your product overseas.

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Foxconn in Talks to Build iPhone Factories in India

The move could help the electronics manufacturer keep hold of Apple orders amid intensifying competition.

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The 5 Steps From Startup to Unicorn

Those ultra-rare companies that grow from idea to $1 billion enterprise all go through a similar merciless process.


5 Simple Steps for Reaching New Global Markets

More than ever, living "la vida loca" is essential to fostering market entry.