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Beauty Unicorn Purplle Gains INR 1,000 Cr Investment, Offers Major ESOP Liquidity

The Mumbai-based brand also announced an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) liquidity programme, offering INR 50 crore in liquidity to its employees.

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Apple Moves to Sever Ties With Goldman Sachs — Here's What That Means for Apple Card and Savings Holders

The end may be near for one of the most prominent alliances between a technology firm and a banking institution.

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3 High Dividend Stocks To Beat Treasury Yields

With a pick of reliable dividends and upside potential at discounted prices, this list could help you beat the near 5.0% yield on treasuries

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A Goldman Partner Reportedly Blasted Apple's Savings Accounts as a Mistake: 'We Should Have Never Done This F—ing Thing'

Apple announced earlier this year that users had deposited more than $10 billion into savings accounts.


Goldman Sachs Is Making a Mistake. Forcing Remote-Capable Teams Back Into The Office Is Not The Answer — Here's Why.

This move raises an alarm not just for the financial sector but for all remote-capable industries, ranging from the financial industry to the tech sector, igniting a debate about the future of work.

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Goldman Sachs Slashed Thousands of Jobs This Year. Now It's Hiring Hundreds of New Roles After Scrutiny From Regulators.

The bank and financial services company needs to appease regulators or face consequences.

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People Poured $10 Billion Into Apple's New Savings Accounts — But Goldman Sachs Wants to Pull the Plug

Apple is developing its own payment processing technology and has big plans for its financial-services offerings.

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Goldman Sachs Will Pay $215 Million in Gender Discrimination Suit

The class action covers about 2,800 female employees in the bank's investment banking, investment management, or securities divisions.

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Goldman Sachs Says AI Could Replace The Equivalent of 300 Million Jobs — Will Your Job Be One of Them? Here's How to Prepare.

The galloping evolution of AI technologies has captured media attention over the past several months. But what are its potential ramifications? Is there a real risk that AI will replace humans at their job in the near future? And if so, how can we, as entrepreneurs, get prepared?

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AI Could Replace Up to 300 Million Workers Around the World. But the Most At-Risk Professions Aren't What You'd Expect.

Goldman Sachs economists predict 18% of work could be automated by AI.

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Goldman To Cut Thousands Of Jobs Midweek: Report

Bloomberg News reported on Sunday that Goldman would eliminate about 3,200 positions

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3 Banks Worth Considering For Q4

Could bank stocks be about to turn around and head north for the last quarter of the year? Let's take a look at three of them that are worth considering.

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Goldman Sachs Says U.S. Can Still Avoid a Recession

According to Goldman Sachs, a soft landing is still possible despite ongoing recession fears and interest rate hikes by the Fed.