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Pros and Cons: Google's New Take on Presentations

New functions allow multiple users to build and make changes to business presentations at the same time.


Is Google Wallet the Next Step in Mobile Payments?

New 'contactless' mobile payment app might be ahead of its time, especially for small businesses.

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The Man Behind Google Docs on Opportunities in the Cloud

How business owners can get the most from Web-based tools -- and how to pitch your business idea to Google.


Chris Brogan on Running a Virtual Business

Doing business without the traditional trappings means equipping employees with the right platforms.

Business News

10 Products Changing the Business World

You say you want a revolution? These products and services are changing the way we work.

Science & Technology

Buying Apps in the Google Cloud

Here are some must-have apps for small businesses.

Science & Technology

Google Apps for Your Business: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Our comprehensive review of the search-engine giant's battery of web-based tools.