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#5 Things Sundar Pichai Wants To Work On In India

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, taking questions today at the IIT Kharagpur where he studied 24 years ago, revealed his plans to work in India.

Growth Strategies

When We Solve a Problem for India, We Solve a Problem For the World Says Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google launched 'The Digital Unlocked', a training program which is aimed at small and medium business enterprises.


Wondering Which App Is Using Most Of Your Data? Here's The Answer

Data consumption pattern of the users


5 Ways A Startup Can Make Its App A Successful One

Every entrepreneur should adhere these points while presenting its application to its potential customer


6 Things That Viral Business Apps Have

Here's how to design your business app for maximum popularity


5 of the Dumbest Apps Ever Made

The question is not 'why?', but 'why not?'


Why Google Apps for Work is Perfect for Small Businesses

Is there anything Google Apps cannot do?


Facebook's Instant Articles, Apple's News App, Google's AMP: Worth It?

Consider the pros and cons of these three new apps and how they impact content marketers.


How to Engineer Growth in Mobile Apps

Follow these stages, remain focused and be prepared to learn from any mistakes you make.

Business News

House Blocks Google-Hosted Apps, Yahoo Mail Over Security Fears

The two restrictions have both been implemented within the past two weeks and are still in place.


The Magic of OCR & Augmented Reality Translates text in Indian Languages, Real Time – Without Internet

Just bring your phone's camera over text – and get instant translations into virtually any language – without internet or processing time

Growing a Business

Jeff Bezos Dressed in a Robot Suit at Amazon's Robot Party -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: A Popeyes applicant stopped a robbery in its tracks.


5 Desi Alternatives to Netflix in India

Online streaming now includes Bollywood - and its cheaper than you'd expect!


Soon, Google Will Allow You to Order Fast Food Simply by Smiling at the Cashier

A preview of Hands Free payment will roll out in the San Francisco Bay area later this year.

Science & Technology

Use App Indexing to Boost Your Google Ranking

The latest changes from Google are an opportunity for mobile marketers to climb past their compettion.