The Magic of OCR & Augmented Reality Translates text in Indian Languages, Real Time – Without Internet

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Although augmented reality and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has been around since a long while, the implementation in real-time translation apps has been nothing less than magical to witness. Ever since Google Translate acquired Word Lens's technology, it has offered what no other translation app offered at that point in time in the App world, and quite literally revolutionized the way we understand communicate.


This has opened doors for changing the way businesses interact with each other, especially valid in a global scenario because translation and communication is now instant and without processing time. Not only does it open doors for international communications between individuals and businesses but also offers options for inter-state communications – in the language of our preference. Here's what the free Google Translate app is offering:

Real time translation – without processing time

There is less than a second's delay is translating text. It works seamlessly, changing text in real time and the difference in processing/loading is not visible to the user. This eliminates the need to type out characters or copy paste emails – just hover your phone's camera over and get real time translations.

Multiple Indian languages

The visual translation includes Indian languages, such as Tamil, Telgu, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Nepali, Marathi, Malayalam, Hindi, Gujrati, Bengali, Arabic and is constantly including more. Businesses can now seamlessly exchange communications without any need to manually type/copy paste translations.

Surprisingly accurate translations:

The translations are surprisingly accurate – even for Indian languages, both grammatically and in context.

No internet required

Each language pack weighs around 3MB – which can be downloaded over WiFi beforehand. Once loaded, you don't need internet to translate anymore. The process is seamlessly quick!

Precise OCR

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is remarkably accurate in picking multiple languages and picks from almost all possible font styles and formats.

Free of charge

All language packs and the app itself is complete free of charge. You don't need a license or pay subscription to use their services.

Automatic language detection

See a sign board, business card or printed text on a screen or in real life but have no clue what language it is? The automatic language detection is faster than you can process.

The crevasse of language in communications has finally been conquered in a seamless, easy and free manner, in a simplified technology that even those without technical skills can utilize.