How to Create an App for Your Business With Zero Coding Experience

With no-code apps, any small business can create its own custom software to expand its audience and improve customer experience

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The Trucking Industry Was Ripe for Disruption, and This Tech Company Made Billions Doing It

Shoaib Makani left venture capital to create a compliance app called Keep Truckin' (now Motive). But getting the industry to use it was more complicated than he thought.

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What My Over-Dependence on Grammarly Taught Me About Our App-Addicted Culture

As a writer, I recognize the value that apps like Grammarly have brought to me, but it's a double-sided coin.

How Success Happened for Amos Tamam, CEO of Curb Mobility

CEO of Curb Mobility Amos Tamam is an entrepreneur whose unique vision helped shape the modern taxi and rideshare industry. Curb's story of innovation was not without adversity.

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10 Apps to Help You Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

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Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Whether you want to get fit or find a new job, these apps will help you stay on track and make sure you don't abandon your New Year's resolutions by mid-January.

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5 Ways Mental Fitness Apps Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Treating your mental health with as much importance as exercise will treat you well in the long run.

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DoorDash's CEO Might Deliver Your Next Takeout Meal Himself

Probably not. But all of the platform's corporate employees -- all the way up to its chief executive -- will be delivering at least one order to a customer's home this January.

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6 Cyber Week Savings on Apps for Writers

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