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Social Media

Brand Palettes In Tech Are Going Back To Black (Blue Ain't Cutting It No More)

In a digital world circling around the myriad intensities of black, the hues of success are found in mindful branding.


¿Qué es Google Messages? La app que quiere convencerte de que dejes de usar WhatsApp

La aplicación de mensajería se renueva con originales funcionalidades. ¿Bastarán para que dejes de usar WhatsApp?


Estas son las mejores apps para iOS y Android de 2023

Pese a que estamos en el boom de la inteligencia artificial generativa, Apple dejó fuera a ChatGPT, mientras que Google la incluyó gracias a la votación de los usuarios.

Science & Technology

Meet the 16-Year-Old Stanford Intern Whose AI Project Could Save Your Life — Plus 5 Other Young Tech Visionaries Recognized By Apple

Apple announced four new "Everyone Can Code" projects that will help students learn and refine their app-development skills.

News and Trends

Marvin Steinberg: Revolutionizing Lives With Reach Goals App

In the ever-evolving landscape of personal development, Marvin Steinberg stands as a beacon of transformation and innovation.

Business News

Why the Future of Mobile App Development Will Live on the Web

As with all major enterprises, pursuing growth and protection of market share will always reign supreme over innovation.


Dubai Chamber Of Digital Economy Launches The Foundational Phase Of The Emirati Training Academy As Part Of Its Create Apps in Dubai Initiative

The "Create Apps in Dubai" initiative seeks to train over 1,000 Emiratis on the fundamentals of coding, building mobile applications, and business creation models.

Thought Leaders

Not Enough Sleep Is Making Us Sick and Depressed. Here's One Doctor's Sleep Solution to Get Happier and Healthier.

Dr. Lloyd Glauberman discusses the launch and growth of LQ, an app designed to boost our lifestyle intelligence and healthy habits.


Google Flights quiere que viajes barato y ha creado una nueva funcionalidad para ayudarte a hacerlo

La herramienta puede ayudarte a comprar en el mejor momento.


Google va por las cuentas inactivas de Gmail

A finales del 2023, Google eliminará a las cuentas de Gmail inactivas, incluyendo los servicios de Drive, YouTube y otra herramientas de la plataforma.


Ravi Bhushan On Four Apps He Cannot Live Without

Bhushan is the founder and CEO of BrightCHAMPS


Fueling Up: Careem's Entrepreneurial Journey Is Back On, Says Co-Founder And CEO Mudassir Sheikha

"I truly feel that we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to use this opportunity, use the starting point we now have at Careem, to leave the region with a Google or Amazon type of institution that's going to outlast us, and many people after us."


Save $35 on a Service That Finds You the Best Mac Apps to Improve Your Workflow

Find your next favorite productivity app, or several, for just $84.99.

Growing a Business

From Luxury to Necessity — Why Your Business Can't Afford to Be Without a Mobile App

Today's business landscape has evolved to such an extent that having a mobile app has shifted from a luxury to a necessity. Here's why.


3 Effective Strategies to Help You Generate Revenue From Your App

Learn about three effective app monetization strategies that can help you generate revenue from your app.