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Marvin Steinberg: Revolutionizing Lives With Reach Goals App In the ever-evolving landscape of personal development, Marvin Steinberg stands as a beacon of transformation and innovation.

By Maria D'Souza

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Marvin Steinberg

Marvin Steinberg believes in setting goals. He believes in it so strongly that he's turned it into a business with, an app that will help users set, track, and reach their goals. Marvin describes it as, "The DuoLingo of goal setting." For its users, ReachGoals will become a part of their routine, an iterative way to watch themselves improve and progress over time.

To Marvin, a well-set goal can be a guiding light. This isn't a belief he holds idly. Marvin has lived it, and he's seen the power it has to remake a life. It remade his life after a storied young sports career was cut permanently short by a knee injury that left him unable to compete. Having invested all of himself in his athleticism, Marvin believed he'd lost everything, and he spent a few years mired in the darkness of doubt. Without direction—without goals—Marvin had nothing to work toward.

During this time of frustration, Marvin discovered the power of goal setting. He started with a rebelliously ambitious goal: to become a millionaire. What he had needed during those years was the power of an incredible goal to pull him out of the dark. It worked. Marvin chased this goal with the same energy and ambition that had once brought him athletic success. With the clarity of a goal to guide him, he not only broke free of those few dark years but also reached his goal with shocking rapidity.

He achieved this goal by bringing a clever online marketing system to an industry that had yet to see such innovation. This isn't that story, but the company he founded with the resources his success brought him, CPI Technologies, is part of this story. A proponent of AI-backed technologies, custom apps, and clever media marketing, Marvin was able to use his new resources and company to set a new goal that might be even more ambitious than becoming a millionaire. Marvin wants to help others find the same life-changing power he found. He wants to teach people how to set goals, and how to chase after them with enough energy to change themselves for good.

This is different from his past goals. It's fulfilling in a new way. It's giving power to others, connecting them with their potential, and helping them to find hope that they can achieve what they perhaps haven't even thought to reach for yet. Marvin's new goal isn't just about having a certain number of customers or earning a certain amount of profit; instead, it's all about the goals achieved. He wants fifty million users to set their goals and then reach them. That's fifty million lives improved by learning how to make their way forward.

Interested in learning more about Marvin and ReachGoals? You can find his companies online at and, and you can watch for his media company BlueStrategy AG. With goals like these driving them, Marvin Steinberg's apps and companies are worth following.

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