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Giving Waste A Second Life

Entrepreneur explores start-ups that are bringing social change by catering this space.


6 Questions That Changed My Startup

Building a smart, simple, sustainable product

Growing a Business

Why Environmental Responsibility Is Good for Your Bottom Line

A foam insulation company retooled its spray foam products and improved its finances, along with the planet, in one fell swoop.

Starting a Business

These 5 Startups Are Giving Waste A Second Life

Here are some of the interesting startups which are turning trash into cash.

Growth Strategies

9 Easy Ways Companies Can Save Money By Going Green

Companies are learning that going green is saving them money.

Business News

This Craft Brewery Invented a Brilliant Edible 6-Pack Holder That Helps Sea Life

Embracing social entrepreneurship with an eco twist, SaltWater Brewery uses beer-brewing byproducts to create biodegradable rings that nourish -- not maim and kill -- marine life. We'll drink to that.


Startup Taka Solutions Wants To Spread Responsible Consumption Using Green Tech

Taka Solutions founder and Managing Director Charles Blaschke on his startup's mission to reducing energy consumption, entrepreneurship in UAE, and representing the GCC region on the global competition The Venture.


A Clean, Carbon-free And Safe Ride To Work

A car running on electricity, which costs Rs.7 per unit, could bring your per kilometre cost down to 85 paise!


How Going Green Can Grow Your Business

Catering to your environment and going green can make your team happy, healthy, and productive.


Let's Celebrate Earth Day With Some Green Startups

Three startups whose focus is on making the world a better place to live.

Green Entrepreneur®

Disney World Installs On-Brand Solar Panels in the Shape of Mouse Ears

The new solar farm near Epcot spans 22 acres and joins a family of mouse-shaped environmental projects.

Growing a Business

Why Making Money Means Thinking Beyond Profits

Your company values should align with customer values, as today's consumers want more than competitive pricing.


Business of Environment, The Untapped Million-Dollar Industry

This startup is redefining waste management and creativity!

Business News

This Startup Hopes its Toothbrush Will Last You a Lifetime

The Goodwell Company sells biodegradable toothbrushes equipped with recycled aluminum handles and bristles made of activated charcoal.