Informe: Metales pesados encontrados en docenas de marcas de chocolate oscuro

Se descubrió que populares marcas de chocolate oscuro, incluidas Hershey's y Lindt, tienen altos niveles de plomo y cadmio.

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Report: Heavy Metals Found in Dozens of Dark Chocolate Brands

Popular brands of dark chocolate, including Hershey's and Lindt, were discovered to have high levels of lead and cadmium.

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Milton S. Hershey

The Candy Man and Hershey Owner


Hershey advierte de posible escasez de dulces y chocolates para el próximo Halloween

El fabricante de dulces y chocolates con más de 128 años en el mercado ha visto afectada su producción debido a la escasez de materias primas provocada por el conflicto armado entre Rusia y Ucrania.

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Reese's Thanksgiving Pie, Its Largest Peanut Butter Cup Ever, Sells Out in Hours

Social-media users had a lot to say, with some offering to taste test and others noting the pie's 7,680 calorie count.


El pastel de Acción de Gracias de Reese, su taza de mantequilla de maní más grande, se vende en horas

Los usuarios de las redes sociales tenían mucho que decir, algunos ofrecieron probar y otros notaron el recuento de 7,680 calorías del pastel.

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An Investment in Hershey's Stock Looks Sweeter Than Ever

Hershey's is delivering on growth.

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The Food Industry Is a 'Gold Rush' for Entrepreneurs, Says the Founder of Krave Jerky and a $40 Million Marshmallow Brand

Jon Sebastiani, whose first business was acquired by Hershey, now leads snack company Smashmallow.

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Hershey Rejects $23 Billion Mondelez Takeover Offer

The snub underscores the challenges Mondelez Chief Executive Irene Rosenfeld faces in wooing Hershey's controlling shareholder, the Hershey Trust, a $12 billion charity created by the eponymous company's founder a century ago.

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Get Ready for the 'Achocolypse': The World Is Running Out of Chocolate

The chocolate industry already can't keep up with how much we want to eat, and it's only getting worse.


The Internet Thinks Hershey's New Logo Looks Like Crap -- Literally

The 120-year-old company unveiled a new logo today, much to the amusement (and disgust) of commenters on social media.

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Hershey Raises Prices for First Time in 3 Years as Cocoa Costs Spike

As cocoa prices hit a three year high, chocolate makers are being forced to charge more for their sweet treats.

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In Order to Persevere, You Need Deeply Held Beliefs

Here are three stories of entrepreneurs who faced struggles, but their commitment to their goals brought them to success.


Hershey's Foray Into 3-D Printing Could Allow You to Be Your Own Willy Wonka

A multi-year agreement between a 3-D printing tech company and a global leader in chocolate could bring sweet results.