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How a Bold Idea and a Knack for Communicating Helped One Financial Services Entrepreneur

CAIS founder Matt Brown created a platform for wealth advisors many said no one wanted. He's glad he didn't listen to the naysayers.
Business Ideas

Ideas Are Crap Without Execution and Follow-Through

Remember that great idea you had that someone else took up and ran with? Don't let that ever happen again.

What It's Like When You Finally See Your Idea-Turned-Product on Store Shelves

For makers, inventors and dreamers, it's the ultimate high when you see with your own eyes that "you've finally arrived."
Product Launch

5 Steps to Skyrocket That Great Idea Into Market Launch

It's tricky business balancing creativity with market-trend reality. Here are a few ways to make your new product launch the best it can be.
Entrepreneur Network

Want More of Those Eureka Moments? Control Your Breathing.

Zander Woodford-Smith says that focusing on your heart when you breathe will unlock a flood of brilliant ideas.

Why Old Ideas Are a Secret Weapon

Old ideas are good ideas that outlasted thousands of bad ones.

This Is Where Big Ideas Come From

Big ideas for successful businesses don't come often, but when they do, you always know it and never expect it.
Project Grow

Stop Telling Yourself These 6 Creativity Myths

Steer clear of the traps that will sap your innovation.
Project Grow

How to Turn a Huge Vision Into a Reality

A successful entrepreneur talks about his journey, the lessons he's learned and where his sights are set next.

This Simple Technique Trains Your Brain to Conjure Your Best-Ever Ideas

The brain is lightning fast but it still does just one thing at a time.

7 Ways to Ignite Innovation and Surpass Your Competition

The ferocity of business competition demands innovation and risk taking, both of which require a state of mind that can be cultivated.
Project Grow

3 Ways to Combat Stale Ideas

We all need to find ways to fight stale ideas and get back to the creative, disruptive and innovative thinking that fuels us.
Business Ideas

5 Thought Experiments to Test Your Business Idea

A seemingly good idea with flaws can cause the entire foundation to collapse, while a questionable idea with more merits than faults might be abandoned despite having a real shot at success.