NESsT e IKEA abren convocatoria para apoyar empresas sociales en Colombia y Chile

El programa de aceleración NESsT-IKEA espera atraer y apoyar iniciativas de economía circular, empleo inclusivo, desarrollo profesional y agricultura/pesca sostenible.

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A Snowstorm in Denmark Led Ikea Customers, Staff to Spend the Night in the Store

Those trapped inside made the best of their bad-weather situation, watching television and enjoying the department store's food.

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Ikea Releases Bizarre-Scented Candle

There are just under 2,000 candles available, so IKEA loyalists who want to win the Store in a Box prize must enter the 10th Anniversary Family Sweepstakes.

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Ikea Fined Millions of Dollars After Being Caught Spying on Employees and Customers

A French court found executives guilty of an ongoing plot to expose "troublesome" workers through the use of private investigators.

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IKEA Recalls Hundreds of Bowls, Plates for Burn Hazards

The dinnerware is made in part from polyactic acid, which can become easily malleable and break in the presence of too much heat.


IKEA dice que el retraso del canal de Suez de Ever Given solo debería tener un 'impacto menor en la disponibilidad'

El gigante de los muebles para el hogar tenía 110 contenedores de productos pegados en el buque de carga recientemente liberado y los barcos a su sombra.

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IKEA Says Ever Given's Suez Canal Delay Should Only Have 'Minor Impact on Availability'

The home-furnishings giant had 110 containers of products stuck on the recently freed cargo vessel and ships in its shadow.

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Reasons Why Non-Traditional Investors are Funding Indian Start-ups

With over 17000 start-ups in India, the demand for capital infusion is bound to rise

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Apple All Set To Take A Bigger Bite At India Market, Will Sell Directly Through Online First

As the government eases rules this puts India as a favourable destination for foreign brands like Apple, Ikea, H&M

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IKEA Debuts its Online Presence with Mumbai

Mumbai residents can utilise the online services offered by the online furniture marketplace with operations kicking off in full swing from Monday onwards

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7 Mission Statements That Inspire You to Buy

A clear, no-frills vision statement explains why your business exists and why people can feel good working for you and buying from you.


Augmented Reality in Businesses: What Will the Future Look Like?

Today, augmented reality holds a number of applications for businesses,providing an opportunity for brands to stand out from the rest

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Ikea Eyeing 10,000 Job Creations in Maharashtra

Ikea is all set to spread its waters across India by setting up a second store in Mumbai in 2019

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Ikea Is Getting Into Self-Driving Cars

Plus, Chipotle launches a mentoring program and J. Crew sets up shop on Amazon.


What Global Franchisors Can Learn From IKEA's Successful Launch in India

Globalization is a complicated process because it involves rapid social change that is transpiring simultaneously across a number of dimensions, in the world