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The Importance of Creating Incubator Programs for Entrepreneurs

The mission of an incubator is to make sure deserving entrepreneurs get a real chance to succeed.

News and Trends

Meet Singapore's Top 3 Unicorns Ruling The Billion Dollar Club

With an impressive list of home-grown startups like Grab, ReferralCandy and, the island nation is also considered as the best place to start a new business.


Why 'Investability' is in the DNA of Great Incubators and Accelerators (Part 1 of 3)

Essential is the quality of that mentorship because that is the mechanism used in mentor-driven incubation and acceleration


You Can't Get VC Funding for Your Startup. Now, What?

Take heart, because there are other paths to take to launch a company -- some very popular, and others virtually unknown.

Thought Leaders

This Company Finds Tough Problems In the World, Then Launches Startups to Solve Them

Kairos is a company that creates companies. And those companies have a mission: Solve the problems that really need solving.

News and Trends

Y Combinator Makes First International Foray, Launches China Unit

Baidu's former chief operating officer Qi Lu will be the chief executive officer of the Chinese arm


How one man's effort is changing Kolkata's landscape

This is the journey of Harshvardhan Neotia, a reluctant heir who became an industry baron


Dubai SME Licenses The First Business Incubator Under Its New Guidelines

Dubai SME, the SMEs-focused agency of Dubai's Department of Economic Development, has licensed its first incubator in Dubai following the introduction of the Incubators and Business Accelerators regulations earlier in March.

Buying / Investing in Business

Snapchat's Parent Company Plans to Invest $1.5 Million in Media Startups

Snap has announced a new accelerator program called Yellow focused on 'mobile storytelling.'


This Incubator for Women-Focused Businesses Finds the Color Pink Empowering, Not Demeaning

The Pink Ceiling, founded by successful entrepreneur Cindy Whitehead, is unapologetically pink, candid and a little irreverent.

Growth Strategies

How Incubators and Accelerators are Changing the Game for Indian Start-ups

Incubators and accelerators have seized the day by providing start-ups with not only co-working space but also mentorship and structured financial support


This Incubator is Sector Agnostic for Tech Enabled Startups

Jalote says iCreate is not just about incubations, money support, working space, technology support or mentorship but instead it is about creating successful businesses

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Schools Weren't Built for Tomorrow's Leaders

Venture off campus to cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset in ways the curricula simply can't.

Growth Strategies

What Metrics Makes a Successful Incubator?

Incubators must set a combination of success metrics which is relevant and in tandem with the objectives

Growth Strategies

Partnerships, Linkages, Networks and Service Providers an Incubator Needs

Incubators have a stronger standing if they are supported by a partnership of public and private sectors