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UAE's Fun Robotics Wants To Help Build The Region's Next Generation Innovators

For countries in the process of transitioning to becoming knowledge-based economies (as many Middle East nations are), it would be safe to say that investing in digital automation and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and breaking down the "geeky" stereotypes associated with these areas will be crucial first steps.

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7 HR Trends that Will Define the Indian Startup Landscape in 2018

Startup work areas speak of a strong organizational structure which encourages free thinking and expression, with zero emphasis on the hierarchical pyramid

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How Technology Can Make Healthcare Processes Easier

Electronic health record needs to provide reliable access to patient's complete healthcare information that will help healthcare providers diagnose patient's problem at an early stage

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Shift From Private to Public Cloud For Companies is Imminent

By 2020, the growth of public cloud infrastructure and the resulting costs of the infrastructure, and security solutions for it are likely to increase by 2.5 to 3 times

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Reaching the Unreached in India through Digitized Healthcare

The healthcare sector which has witnessed a multitude of welcome reforms and improved healthcare outlays in recent years that could feasibly transform the country into a healthcare haven


Top Trends That Will Change the IT Industry in Coming Years

Intelligent apps are now becoming the norm as they are making it extremely easier for people to manage their day to day activities without any hassle

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#4 Things You Need to Know About the New Infosys CEO

Parekh's appointment comes after the whole executive debacle at Infosys which saw former CEO Vishal Sikka's exit

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The Pursuit of Passion: The Key to Successful Entrepreneurship

Apart from tenacity, successful entrepreneurship also involves confidence and self-motivation


Chatbots Are the Next Big Platform. Here's How Entrepreneurs Can Stay on Top of It

Bots seem like a dream come true, but don't underestimate what will be required to make the transition.

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Key Steps for a Successful Knowledge Management

Information cannot be published as knowledge without a proper knowledge approval process


#4 Things Not to Do In Your RPA Deployments

The most common error is to keep legacy processes rigid and not target low-or-medium-complexity processes that return the fastest and greatest efficiency savings

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How Using this Tool can Make your Business Process Easier

Business Process Management software plays a pivotal role in the progression to mature enterprise mobility solutions

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Why Your Next Business Hire Should Be an IT Person

Leaders at fast-growing companies know the challenges they face and the outcomes they hope to achieve, but they may not know all the options for getting there.


This Tech Start-up is Helping Companies Cut HR Expenses

More and more companies are dispensing with the costly, people-management model to adopt the new technology in the HR space

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What is An India of Tomorrow?

The major contribution of this $10 Trillion, the economic goal of our nation by 2032, needs to come from SMEs, the backbone of our economy