Information Technology

What Is SQL and How Does It Work?

SQL is behind your computer's ability to access database information. Discover SQL, how it works and more in this guide.

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform The World in 2023

As we continue to see high rates of positions needing to be filled in 2023, AI is likely going to see quick adoption, development and more.

Par Chadha

Why It's Too Early To Write Off The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) used to be the talk of the town. While its promises have not panned out, IoT may still have a bright future.

Ariel Shapira

Software Development Jobs Are a Bright Spot in Uncertain Economic Times. Here's What Business Leaders Need to Know.

Software developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity jobs are bright spots in a rapidly moving IT employment landscape.

Steve Taplin

How Blockchain Will Transform Traditional Finance As We Know It

Traditional finance has grown to become a multi-trillion dollar industry, predominately by acting as an inefficient intermediary by today's standards. The advent of blockchain technology presents an alternative to traditional finance that can create a more equitable financial ecosystem.

Arnav Pagidyala

Become a Tech Wizard with This CompTIA Bundle

The 13-course bundle is available for less than $50.

The Top Technology Challenges Businesses Are Facing Today (and Solutions for Each)

Here are the top technology challenges businesses have been facing this year, along with some advice for overcoming each challenge.

Steve Taplin

How to Become Your Business's Cybersecurity Pro

Get more than 400 hours of training for less than $80.

How to Outsource Product Development: A Complete Guide With Tips

Outsourcing your product development requires various considerations, including requirement analysis, selecting the suitable cooperation model, hiring an agency or freelancer and avoiding a few mistakes when hiring a contractor. Follow these tips and decide if outsourcing product development is the right fit for your company.