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5 Actions Government Must Take to Promote Sports Entrepreneurship in India

In order to attract young and visionary entrepreneurs to the sports sector, the Indian government must increase funding and offer tax holidays for sports-based firms

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A Look at the Pre-budget Expectations for Fintech Industry

The Fintech players are expecting a sizable reduction in corporate taxes as promised by the Finance Minister


How Entrepreneurship Can Unlock Hidden Potential in Indian Healthcare Sector

Business models, especially in healthcare, relying solely on maximizing returns are not sustainable

Growth Strategies

#5 Ways How Engineering Can Make a Comeback with Innovation

Engineering institutions should focus on encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship by adding it to the curriculum


Inside The MENA High Tech Boom

Enabling the region's high-tech industry could pivot the region for years to come- empowering Arab businesses, equipping youth with critical ICT skills, and maybe fundamentally alter the region's economic trajectory.

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These Indian Start-ups are Disrupting the Biotechnology Sector

Several global companies have aggressively joined hands with Indian ones due to India's strong generic biotechnology potential


Are Software Developers Becoming the New Enterprise?

The founding teams of most start-ups in India predominantly consist of developers

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Why Hyderabad is Becoming a Leader in Realty Sector

Since Hyderabad is renowned for its rapid development in IT and infrastructure, the influx of IT professionals makes the rental housing market a prominent player in the economy

Growth Strategies

This Company Deviated From Traditional Business to Grow Bigger

Srei is now one of India's largest infrastructure equipment company with consolidated assets worth $5.5 billion

Growth Strategies

How these Two Brothers Re-built the Success of their Family Business

Today the company has the highest profitability margin of over 18 per cent

Growth Strategies

Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Indian Sports Sphere

"None of the technologies used to increase fan engagement is disrupting. There is quick evolution but no revolution."


Indian Government's Push For Education to Help This Healthcare-focused MNC

"The population versus doctor ratio should ideally be 1300:1. In India it is 2000: 1, which makes it worse than Bangladesh and Sri Lanka."

Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Elon Musk's 'Boring' Tunnel System Speeds Cars Along at 130 MPH

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO talked about his new side project at TED.

Thought Leaders

3 Problems Stunting Entrepreneurship Across the U.S.

Obsolete educational systems, inadequate broadband access and the unrelieved economic insecurity of self employment stymie economic development.

Starting a Business

5 Tips to Initiate Business in Adventure Sports In India

This is the most important factor in building up business around adventure sports.