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How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping the Insurance Industry

AI in the insurance sector has transcended several use cases from intelligent automation in the back office to providing virtual assistance on the frontlines.

News and Trends

Sequoia-backed Insurtech Startup Qoala Pockets USD13.5 Mn In Series A Round

The Jakarta-based company aims to use the funds to invest further into technology, people and brand to fuel their multi-channel strategy.

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Insurtech Startup Axinan Closes Series A+ with $16 Mn

The Singapore-based company has also announced its formal rebranding as Igloo.

Science & Technology

Why Germany Is Becoming a Global Hotspot for InsurTech Firms

With a growing number of innovative startups, Germany has begun to position itself as the de-facto hub for insurance technology.


Robotic Process Automation in Insurance: Changing the Face of the Industry

RPA streamlines the end-to-end process lifecycle through the integration of front-end technologies with existing back-office processes

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How Singapore Life is Providing More Insurance Benefits

The insurtech startup has raised US$7.3 million from Hong Kong's Ion Pacific


Insurtech: Catalysing Growth in the Insurance Sector

It's the technology that is being deployed to create, distribute and administer solutions in the insurance business in an effective and efficient manner

Growth Strategies

Planning an Insurtech Startup? Understanding the Customer Mindset is the Key to Success, Say Veterans

Follow the mantra of 'Being Customer First and Thinking Digital'


Here are #5 Insurtech Startups who are Simplifying Insurance for India

The upcoming industry has raised close to $290 million last year

Growth Strategies

From AI to Blockchain, Here's How One of India's Largest Life Insurer is Leveraging Insurtech Transformation

Almost every insurer is looking to digitise, but the question how can they crossover the transformation seamlessly

Starting a Business

Insurtech Startups are Climbing Up but are We Ready for It?

The global insurtech market revenue was valued at $532 million in 2018


An Indian Fairfax-backed Company is Simplifying Insurance for the Customers

The startup claims a settlement ratio of 92 per cent


Why HDFC ERGO is Adopting the Insurtech Approach?

With the rise of technology and increase in smartphone users, the insurance sector is looking at a bright future

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Insurtech Startup Saphron Bags $1 Million Seed Funding From Sage, Talino Labs

The company is making the delivery of insurance radically accessible to make financial inclusion a reality in Southeast Asia


What Can Drive Insurtech Revolution in India?

Here's how Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, ML are all waiting to disrupt the insurance sector