International Business

3 Tips for Starting a Business in a New Language

Starting a business in a second language is daring — now, what if it's a language you're still learning? Here's how I did it.

Mary Hood

Starting an International Business? Consider These 3 Countries

These three countries are a great place to start your international endeavors.

3 Tips for Global Business Expansion

Before taking your first steps in the global market, consider these three tips for success in the international market.

This Ingenious Pen Can Translate 122 Languages

Help make international business a little easier with this translator pen.

Artha India Ventures Invests In African Startup Badili

This marks AIV's first investment in Africa and eleventh international investment that covers Israel, USA and Israel

Teena Jose

This Often-Overlooked Department Deserves a Seat at the Decision-Making Table

If your business aims to be nimble in its growth strategies, including geographical expansion, a cutting-edge compliance department has become more vital than ever.

Yair Kuznitsov

Why Boycotting Franchises Operating in Russia Might Be Misguided

Confusion over the franchise business model is causing consumers to lash out at several big brands, but the truth is it's complicated.

Scott Greenberg

7 Reasons Why Hong Kong is Still Asia's No. 1 Spot for International Business

With an established reputation, few trade barriers and low tax and compliance costs, Hong Kong remains the go-to option.

Bertrand Theaud

5 Things to Remember When Hiring International Employees

Keep these details in mind before you start expanding across borders.

3 Reasons Why UK Real Estate Is Better Than Money in the Bank

From income durability to high demand, why property in the United Kingdom is an increasingly profitable and savvy investment.

Samuel Leeds

This Is Why Global Companies Should Enter the African Market

While it requires considerable time, money and energy to be among the pioneers in introducing your business to a new continent, it's essential to have a growth mindset and view it as an investment into future opportunities.

Dasha Kroshkina

What You Need to Know About Seeking Patent Protection Overseas

To fully leverage rights and enhance revenue, it's vital to expand patent protections when conducting international business: Here's how.