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How to Drive Success in 2024 — 3 Leadership Lessons from the Founder of International Business

Any business faces its highs and lows, and often, it is how you navigate through adversity that determines the viability of your venture. Here are some insights on navigating your company through harsh waters without drowning.

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A New Report By DP World Discusses The Importance Of Decarbonizing And Embedding Sustainability Into International Trade Practices

The report is packed full of insights and data, as well as opinions from thought leaders on global trade and net zero.

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Successful Leaders Think Globally — How to Expand Your Business Abroad For Maximum Success

Given the incredible long-term opportunity it presents for these businesses, leaders need to think and operate globally as quickly as possible.

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FTA With EU May Take Longer To Conclude, Says Piyush Goyal

As per reports, currently EU is India's third largest trading partner, accounting for $88 billion worth of trade in goods in 2021, whereas India is the EU's 10th largest trading partner accounting for 2.1% of EU total trade in goods in 2021

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Illegal Subsidies By Other Countries Can Hurt Indian Business: Centre

The subsidies whether they are prohibited (illegal) or actionable are determined by three major steps within the subsidies and countervailing measures agreement

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Identify The Untapped Potential of Rising Economies — and Harness These 4 Effective Strategies to Succeed

There is a lot of untapped potential in rising economies. If investors can combine local practices with their expertise and technical innovation, the opportunities are virtually limitless.

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5 Easy Tips To Expand Your Online Business Internationally

Follow these five insights for successfully expanding your online business globally.

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Dubai's Growing Role in International Trade

The 1970s is when trade completely changed for the UAE with the inauguration of Port Rashid in 1972, followed by the inauguration of Jebel Ali port in 1979.

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The Importance Of Sustainable Trade

Trade, as a sector, would only account for 7% of GHG emissions; however, the impact from various industries that participate in trade plays a large role, because they account for nearly 30% of GHG emissions.

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Tracking The Growth Of International Trade Around The World (And What To Expect In The Future)

International trade has seen extraordinary growth since the 1960s when it represented less than 10% of global GDP to over 20% since early 2000s.

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How Technology Affects International Trade

Technology has played a role across each of the paths in the value chain with an aim to achieve both speed and efficiency.

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Understanding Free Trade Indicators (And Their Impact On International Trade)

The growth of international trade has been impressive, and exports now comprise close to a quarter of the global gross domestic product


The Evolution Of Trade

Insights from a special report built by DP World Group in partnership with Entrepreneur Middle East and Lucidity Insights.

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Entrepreneur Middle East Publishes A Special Report Looking Into The Role Of Trade In The Global Economy

Learn more about the current and future realities of international trade, courtesy of DP World, Lucidity Insights, and Entrepreneur Middle East.

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UK Trade Minister In India To Start Sixth Round Of FTA Negotiations

According to official UK government data, India-UK bilateral trade currently stands at around 29.6 billion pounds a year