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As Bobby Flay Cooks Up an IPO, Can He Still Remain the Hands-On Guy?

Used to calling his own shots, Flay will soon find out what happens when he lets everyone else into the kitchen.

Jason Adams

The Other Side of the 'Coin'

ICO is a new way of funding a start-up through cyptocurrency as compared to initial public offering (IPO) for any other company.

Sandeep Soni

#4 Ways in Which 2017 Has Favoured the Growth of SMEs So Far

The SME sector has raised INR 660 crore in the first six months of the year

Sanchita Dash

Instead of Taking Millions More in Investor Money, Our 25-Person Company Chose to IPO

Why we made the strategic decision to pursue an IPO as a fundraising strategy.

David Greenberg

Going Public: A Mark Of Distinction, And A Platform For Growth

The road from startup to stock exchange is a long and testing one, but for entrepreneurs with determination and a compelling business model, it will always be a journey worth taking.

Neil Petch

IPO Vs. M&A: By Chance Or By Choice?

If IPO is not an exit option then the company's price gets depressed in the M&A market.

Sandeep Soni

Here's What Experts Predict for VC and the IPO Market

One industry leader believes good companies will continue to find funding, period.

Shawn Degnan

VC Investments in India and the US are Different

The investors were planning to invest in start-ups in dollars but now they are doing it in rupees.

How Wealthy Will Evan Spiegel Be Post-Snap IPO?

The Snapchat creator will likely be worth more than $4 billion.

Nina Zipkin

20 Crazy New Things We Learned About Snap

The maker of Snapchat, expected to be valued at more than $20 billion, revealed its inner workings for its IPO.

Nina Zipkin