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Microsoft And SK Telecom To Launch Xbox Cloud Gaming In Korea

The cloud gaming will be launched as part of Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate product to Korean gamers on September 15


Top Places in the World to do Business

Finding it difficult to do business in your own country? Well you can definitely check out these countries for doing business


Why Southeast Asian Countries Are Leading the Robot Adoption Race

Europe and the US lag significantly behind

News and Trends

Is Entrepreneurship the Answer to Obsolete Education System?

We need to approach education differently - align education systems with entrepreneurship. Here's Why

News and Trends

Which Countries Are Ready for AI Adoption?

Among the main reasons for embracing artificial intelligence is a low productivity growth

Business News

Korea Is Building a 'City' for Self-Driving Cars

K-City will have bus lanes, freeways and autonomous parking zones.

Business News

Your Next Cute Robot May Be Korean

Pibo and Cubroid want to give every kid a robot, and they show there's innovation in Korea beyond LG and Samsung.

Social Media

Social Networking App Path Bought by Korean Internet Firm

Dave Morin, Path's founder and CEO, made the announcement via blog post.


Teaching Responsibility to Our Kids, Even When They Work for Us

The Korean Air Lines fiasco shows that family businesses have their own challenges and offers lessons in personal responsibility.

Data & Recovery

In South Korea, Parents to Be Alerted When Kids Receive Texts With Curse Words

Aiming to clamp down on cyber bullying, the South Korean government will introduce a service that notifies parents if their children receive a text containing foul language.