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Motivating Remote Employees Using OKRs

As companies embrace hybrid work models, objectives and key results help employees avoid burnout.


Cómo lograr los mejores resultados posibles con su empresa de relaciones públicas

Las relaciones públicas pueden ser un canal increíblemente poderoso para las nuevas empresas, pero a menudo causan frustraciones y pocos resultados.


How to Achieve the Best Possible Results With Your PR Firm

PR can be an incredibly powerful channel for startups, yet they often cause frustrations and few results.

Estrategias de crecimiento

Cómo encontrar y asignar una estadística de producción a cada empleado, incluso al director ejecutivo

El uso de estadísticas para medir el desempeño de los empleados contribuye en gran medida a impulsar la producción de su empresa. He aquí cómo hacerlo.


How to Find and Assign a Production Statistic to Every Single Employee — Even the CEO

Using statistics to measure employee performance goes a long way in boosting your company's production. Here's how to do it.

Redes sociales

Minería de datos en redes sociales: consejos para aumentar su ROI

La minería de datos de las redes sociales le otorga a su empresa el poder de convertir los me gusta y las acciones y generar ganancias.

Social Media

Social Media Data Mining: Tips to Increase Your ROI

Social media data mining grants your business the power to turn likes and shares and into profit.

Operations & Logistics

Are Your PR Efforts Falling Flat? Here's How to Fix It

A solid checklist for managing your own public relations campaign will include setting clear goals, pitching the right reporter and so much more.


How to Start a Technical Start-up Without a Tech Co-Founder?

Build use cases. Prepare flow charts and design some scenarios resembling the usage of the product by your prospects

Growing a Business

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Track Your Company's Performance

Know what to look for to know if you're progressing toward your goals.

Operations & Logistics

7 Tips for Getting Your Money's Worth Now That You've Hired a PR Firm

Your PR firm will be a creative engine for your company, once you have built a productive relationship.